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Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar
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This week, I explored one of my favorite ideas from Charlie Munger: The Disraeli Drawer.
They say success is the best revenge, but it doesn’t feel that way.
Is there a better way to deal with enemies? I found my answer in a 1986 speech by Charlie Munger.
My latest Twitter thread explains the Disraeli Drawer:
Neil Thanedar
Do you have enemies?

You know, that person, who when they cross your mind, sets off hours of revenge fantasies?

Here's how I learned a powerful, non-violent way to deal with enemies, thanks to Charlie Munger and Benjamin Disraeli:
+3 New Posts on the World’s Biggest Problems:
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I’ve now written posts on 10 of the World’s Biggest Problems!
This thing is going to be a book by the time it’s done.
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Neil Thanedar
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