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🎉 It's Labdoor's 10th Birthday Today!

Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar
Hi, this is Neil!
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Here’s what’s new with me:
  • My latest post We Need A Middle Class For Startups was voted #1 on Hacker News this Tuesday! 25,000+ people have already read it, by far my best-performing post ever.
  • Labdoor is going to be featured on Stonks’ “Best of Community Rounds” Show on May 26th! Tune in at 1PM ET to see my ten-minute segment.
It’s Labdoor’s 10th Birthday Today!
This milestone reminded me one of my favorite blog posts ever, Sam Altman’s The days are long but the decades are short.
That’s exactly how our Labdoor experience felt – busy with so many hard days of work in a row that when we finally picked our heads up to look around, a decade had already passed.
But our story is just getting started. The average age of the top 10 companies in our industry is 117 years old. The youngest company on that list is 26 years old. We’re still the new kid on the block; we’ve grown up, but we still have our whole life in front of us.
Here’s my advice to anyone struggling through the first decade or two (TL;DR: Keep going!):

The Decades Are Short But The Centuries Are Long - Neil Thanedar
Welcome to my new subscribers!
If you’re just getting to know me, here’s what I’m working on:
  1. Creating a startup studio, Utopic, to rapidly launch and acquire businesses with Mittelstand potential.
  2. Raising a community round to expand my startup Labdoor.
  3. Writing a book in public - The World’s Biggest Problems.
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Neil Thanedar
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