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Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar
Hi, this is Neil Thanedar!
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My last post, The Money Problem, is now #1 on my list of The World’s Biggest Problems!
My latest post, Effective Immigration, is summarized below:

Effective Immigration
This is Solution #6 on my list of The World’s Biggest Problems.
Idea: Make it easy to immigrate to places where we need more people.
1. Create fast tracks to immigration for young graduates and professionals.
  • Offer EB1 visas to every founder funded by a US startup accelerator.
  • Expand EB2 (employment-based) visa eligibility to anyone with a STEM degree.
2. Increase annual international student visas by 10X+.
  • End all caps on student visas for international students (e.g. F1).
  • Create a clear legal path for F1 graduates to earn a Green Card.
3. Offer place-based visa programs to recruit immigrants to shrinking regions.
  • Expand the Diversity Visa program to accept 1M+ immigrants per year in specific areas.
  • The DV program currently has 10M+ applicants per year for only 50,000 spots.
Here's The Whole Post:
Effective Immigration - Neil Thanedar
What's New:
If you’re new here, start by checking out my list of ideas.
If you’re just getting to know me, here’s what I’m working on:
  1. Creating a startup studio, Utopic, to rapidly launch and acquire businesses with Mittelstand potential.
  2. Exploring ways to fund more pre-Mittelstand businesses with my Y Combinator for Mittelstands.
Here’s what’s new with me:
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Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar @neilthanedar

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