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Wombat Droppings - Issue #1

Wombat Droppings
Wombat Droppings
Hello, friends and subscribers! I’m starting a newsletter, because Twitter is like drinking from a firehose, Patreon costs you money, and I rarely have the braincells to blog these days. (Plus, when all your presence is on someone else’s platform, they can delete you at any time and leave you floundering in the social void.)
I promise that if you subscribe, I will not bother you too much. Also, I have no intention of charging for this thing, although apparently “newsletter” now means “thing you charge money for” and I don’t know what to call a thing that used to be a newsletter but now isn’t? (Free newsletter? I dunno. May need to workshop that.)
Anyway, let’s give this a try and see what happens!

So I've Started GMing...
Kevin needed a break after fourteen years of being our default GM, so I jumped into the D&D breach, starting with the Temple of Elemental Evil module. It’s fun but also a lot of work on the back end. (Also, dear god, level one players are so squishy.)
Our game hook is that all the players are interns from the Church of the Good Boy, an all-dog temple established in our previous campaign. So they are all dogs, except for the rogue, who has paperwork stating that he is a dog, despite suspiciously cat-like ears.
I made the rookie mistake of giving them a pair of warhorses. The module said there were warhorses there, and that they could take them as part of the treasure. Somehow it did not occur to me, despite many, many years of being That Player, that they would love the warhorses more than life and name them Buddy and Waffles.
Sigh. This is the vengeance of all my past GMs for what I did when they gave me a pet.
Random Encounter Road
Random Encounter Road
While many of the Elemental Evil module maps were available online, I’ve had to make up a few for random encounters, using the program Inkarnate. So far I really like it. It also has the option to make big world maps, which means I should probably knuckle down and finally make a map of the World of the White Rat, before I write myself into too many implausible geographical corners. (I will also put a couple of these D&D maps up on Patreon, so that if anybody wants to use them in a campaign, they can!)
Upcoming Releases
Let’s see what we’ve got on the plate coming up!
Nettle & Bone
What Moves the Dead
I’m also hoping to release a new self-published horror novella in the next month or two, called Reaperlands. I’ll send out another one of these newsletters once it’s out!
Days in the Life
January is moving faster than I thought it would, and I’m not thrilled about that. It’s cold here, because January and February are when it gets cold in North Carolina. I bought tomato seeds. This year’s experiments are Bush Beefsteak, Kewalo, and Hawaiian Currant, all from (They don’t pay me. Although they’re welcome to, if they’d like.)
I am editing my next horror novel and plugging away on my next fantasy novel for Tor, a retelling of The Goose Girl, and occasionally poking at the Dervish’s book, which is up to about 15K. It was going slowly because it just felt really grim, and I finally remembered that Swordheart was freakin’ hilarious and this one should be too, so I went back and moved some stuff around and made things funnier and maybe it’ll start flowing again. I dunno. Writing is weird.
Everyone at Wombathaus is healthy, thankfully, except my Mom in our West Coast satellite location. She had to get something called The Whipple Procedure. This involves slicing and dicing and rewiring your innards to remove anything that might have touched a cancer cell, except that the biopsy lab is backed up to hell and back, so they don’t even know if it was a cancer cell, but they’re acting as if it was. This is a seriously major bit of surgery and they didn’t really warn her about the recovery period and that it would involve being on a feeding tube, potentially for months, and totally bedridden. My kid brother and his girlfriend are taking care of her and so far it’s going well, but make a note–if you ever get this, you are not going home to sleep it off and then getting back to work. Yikes!
What I'm Reading
I was stuck in bed being sick for awhile and worked my way through about half the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, which I was saving for a rainy day. Then I got in the mood for something lighter and snarkier and switched to Murderbot, and then to the Vlad Taltos novels by Steven Brust. (I enjoyed the first few ages ago, then fell behind and the series tends to jump around in time a bit, so I didn’t pick them up again until I had time to read them all.) I’m nearly done with those, and not sure what I’ll pick up next.
Final Thoughts
I sort of feel like I should put an inspirational quote here, but I’m not sure if I’m an inspirational quote sort of person. Part of me would like to be, though. Let me give you a small bit from my current WIP instead.
           “It’s nothing personal,” the Dervish told him. “I’m sure you’re a fine person. It’s just that I need you to die of exposure now, if you wouldn’t mind.”
This statement seemed rather bald, and the young man was in no shape to answer, so the Dervish lowered his voice half an octave and answered for him. “No, no, I quite understand. These things happen. No hard feelings.”
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Wombat Droppings
Wombat Droppings

Sporadic updates on new books coming out, fragments of WIPs, anything neat I've been working on.

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