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I had a weird Spotify notification tonight telling me to listen to someone I know who is a recording artist. I wondered how on Earth they made this connection so I clicked on the notification to find Spotify logged out. When I logged in, it asked me to change the password which I found really odd and when I did, I was back in an old Spotify account that appears to have not been logged into since 2012. The songs in this week’s edition of Turn Up Your Speakes! are saved in playlists in this account.

It is ok to fail
I think the true failure is not admitting something is a failure and then moving on from it as quickly as possible. The longer you dig in for a winless battle, the more time you waste and the more bitter you become. Been there, done that, more than once.
What will I do when there's nothing left to do?
I’m about to have quite a bit of free time. The band thing is winding down, four years of spending a lot of time volunteering at the high school and working on all sorts of projects. My final big task is working on next year’s band budget and the first draft of that went out yesterday.
I’ve already passed on most of my responsibilities and when this one is done, I will be done. Graduation is just over a month away and then, the wide open. I am wondering what I will do.
I have community band now through May 24th and the possibility of summer band at my college if they allow us to come back but I will need to put my restless energy to use at something. As the wise college freshman Thornton Mellon said, “(About) what, I have no idea!”
The Old Spotify Edition of Turn Up Your Speakes!
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (1988)
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (1988)
The Samples - Could It Be Another Change (1988)
The Samples - Could It Be Another Change (1988)
New Order - Temptation (1982)
New Order - Temptation (1982)
We'll always have Denny's
My memories of year one of college, thirty years ago this fall, centered around late night trips to Denny’s. There were fewer trips to Waffle House because Waffle House is Waffle House, eternal, the same now as it was then, the same it will be thirty years from now.
Denny’s was stuck in about 1982 decor-wise. I remember brass and mirrors and harsh lighting and well worn carpets. It was just shy of a dump and it closed a long time ago.
It was the anchor on a Holiday Inn Holidome so you could step out of the restaurant into the hotel after eating your Grand Slam Breakfast at 3PM and become immediately overcome with the smell of chlorine.
It was glorious.
Bonus Turn Up Your Speakes!
From the exciting year 2011, the actual video is geoblocked everywhere but in the US so here is the lyric video instead.
Dawes - Time Spent in Los Angeles
Dawes - Time Spent in Los Angeles
Over and out
And now, valued reader, we reach the end of another newsletter. I hope it has brought a bit of joy to you in your inbox. I’m sure it’s much better than bills. It’s probably not as fun as seeing your Amazon package is on the way.
Have a fantastic weekend and look for the next issue on your virtual porch next Friday morning around 4AM Central Daylight Time!
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