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Up In This Brain! - Second issue, zero subscribers

Here it is, issue 2. I have 0 subscribers after issue one which is exactly the amount of interest I expected. But, I’ve never let being completely ignored stop me from doing things so let’s trudge on…

What else am I supposed to do?
I work. I maintain the yard. I take the trash out. I make sure everyone in the house is fed. I clean the house and wash the clothes and handle the dishes as needed. I make sure the cars have gas in them and oil changes when needed. I do all of this and more and still feel like there is something else important I should be doing when I sit down in my recliner and waste time on the iPad or one of the radios. Maybe I should be writing this newsletter or a book? Maybe I should be planning out the podcast? Maybe I should be working on another of my endless chores?
I’m trying to figure out why I have such a hard time accepting rest and leisure time as ok, good, necessary and not feeling like I should be productive 24/7.
Podcast hosting changes? No
I recently kicked around the idea of moving Up In This Brain to Anchor. It’s free, the software to throw together clips is slightly easier than using Audacity. It seemed like a win-win until they started flooding me with emails. Also, you can keep sponsorships off but they were nagging me to do that also. So, I deleted it. I will stay where I am. I will continue to put in the 15% extra effort for YOU and you will continue to delete it and wish I would shut up.
Happy pills
Happy pills
Happy pills
Being on happy pills can probably be misinterpreted by those around me who might think I don’t care anymore. I am much more easy going than I have ever been. Looking back at old pictures like the one below, I probably have not been this chill since I was five.
It’s nice to be so laid back but that doesn’t mean I have stopped caring. The happy pills bring me the perspective that allows me to not get worked up over minor things and I now know that a lot of things in this life are minor. For example, this morning I dealt with a very difficult person at work. Did I remote into their machine and self-destruct it? Did I pick up the phone and tell them to drop dead? No and no. I just did what I always do and at the end they apologized for their bad attitude although I had said nothing and had been polite the entire time. Interesting how that works? Pre-happy pills me would have handled this much differently and fought negativity with negativity.
Do I still get worked up from time to time? Yes, especially if I forget to take my pill but overall, life is much more enjoyable and only the important things continue to matter. Maybe this is a part of aging or because of the happy pills or a little bit of both.
May 22nd
May 22nd will be a holiday of sorts for me. It is graduation day for my youngest daughter. It is also the last day I will have social media account responsibilities for the high school band. After May 22nd, I could completely delete all social media apps from my phone since I will no longer need to keep an eye on the accounts for weirdos and goobers.
But, will I actually do that? Or will I delete one and not the others? I have not decided yet but it will be nice to have the freedom to decide to in case I want to.
Time travel? No thanks.
On one of my YouTube videos of our local Top 40 station in the 80’s, someone recently commented about how great it would be to go back to the 80’s for even one day. I also see a lot of older people on Tik Tok constantly glorifying growing up in the 80’s. Look what we had that you don’t!
But, was it better? I don’t think so. Sure, it was different and yes, without all of the technology, we weren’t as distracted but we can make choices today to prevent these distractions if are inclined to do so.
I would never “go back” and jeopardize today. Life has its ups and downs but who wants to risk accidentally making people creepily disappear from pictures?
I podcast solo...
No one was willing to have me ruin their podcast this week so my only audio appearance was on my own podcast and I doubt I said anything worthwhile but you can listen if you are bored.
The usual - Up In This Brain! Podcast
Exclusive newsletter content: Why is my Twitter private?
I got tired of random gnomes. Elves? Trolls? That’s it. Trolls.
I only care about a specific number of people and if you are one of those people, my tweets are for you and not for some rando.
Over and out
My goodness, I really wrote up a second issue of this virtual newsletter. It’s not cool like a zine. It’s not boring, ad-driven trash like our nearby metropolitan newspaper. It’s right in between.
Come back next Friday to see if I have the staying power to do this again.
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