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Up In This Brain! - Issue #4

Warm greetings from Armpit and welcome to the fourth issue of Up In This Brain! The Newsletter which is sort of like Spaceballs: The Flamethrower but not nearly as awesome.

Coming to a Walmart near you
Coming to a Walmart near you
Welcoming Henry the Dog
As of Saturday March 27th, we have a new tiny furry man in the house. Henry the Dog is a Schnoodle meaning part Schnauzer, part Poodle, all Floof.
Henry the Floof
Henry the Floof
Data that wastes my time
Last week, we had another round of severe weather and like most stormy days, I had the television streaming the news and I kept refreshing the Twitter feed as the bad weather moved in. The good news is the worst of it missed us as it normally does. What are the odds of getting another direct hit? (Famous last words, right?)
The bad news is I wasted most of the day and evening watching the television streaming the news and refreshing the Twitter feed.
I could have been reading. I could have been watching something of quality like a movie. I could have been scanning photos. But, no. I pointlessly stared at screens.
I realized this right at the end of the night and fixated on it the next morning, trying my best the next day to make up for the wasted previous day. But the real challenge will be to not repeat this again.
I have a weather radio. I have a phone that will also alarm me if something crazy is heading in. I don’t need to fill my mind with data that wastes my time.
I gotta be me
I was just hanging up clothes and thinking about that moment I realized that nothing has stopped me from being me all of these years except for me.
How did I stop me from being me? Anxiety. Lack of self-worth. Paranoia. Laziness. Etc.
Now I work hard to remember to stay out of my own way.
Turn Up Your Speakes!
Welcome to your virtual hi-fi selections for this week!

Sofia Valdes - “Oceans Away”
Sofia Valdes "Oceans Away" [Official Visualizer]
Sofia Valdes "Oceans Away" [Official Visualizer]
Mat Kearney - “Can’t Look Back”
Mat Kearney - Can't Look Back
Mat Kearney - Can't Look Back
Michigander - “Better”
Michigander - Better
Michigander - Better
Jason's Radio Corner: Retekess PR15 AM FM Weather Radio
It is small as you can tell compared to this Post-It note
It is small as you can tell compared to this Post-It note
Here is my newest radio - the Retekess PR15 AM FM Weather Radio. It replaces the Radio Shack portable Weatheradio that I guess I accidentally gave to the help center in my big round of purging things! It’s the first item I’ve had to replace like that and I didn’t notice it was gone until these latest rounds of severe weather. Duh! I am not sure what I was thinking. I’ve looked all over for that radio and I guess it is truly gone and not just misplaced.
So, this is a radio for my going out bag in which I also carry my masks, the book I am reading, sunglasses, my Sony recorder and more.
It is super tiny but since it is a DSP radio (digital analog tuner vs. the old true analog tuner), it has decent reception although with the tiny tuning scale it can be a bit tough to line up perfectly on the station and the weather band is a bit finnicky based on where you put the radio. Move it the wrong way and the station vanishes!
Having a weather radio available on those rare occasions when I have to go somewhere on a day with severe weather in the forecast could be a life saver so it was well worth the $14.99 I spent.
However, I am still kicking myself over getting rid of the Radio Shack one that worked great! Ugh!
More pictures below.
I podcast solo...
Another week has gone by without me sneaking into other podcasts and since press time last week, I’ve posted two, yes TWO, episodes of Up In This Brain!
burpcast - Up In This Brain! Podcast
Over and out
That’s it.
As Jeff Goldblum’s character, a writer for People magazine, says in The Big Chill: “Where I work, we only have one editorial rule - You can’t write anything longer than it takes your average person to take an average crap.”
That’s a rule I’ll go by also so I will stop right here. See you next week!
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