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Up In This Brain! - Boletín número cinco

I’m starting the newsletter out on the deck on a sunny, beautiful Saturday morning. I’ve already been to Walmart so the drudgery of the day is out of the way and now I can enjoy the clear skies and the freedom of having nothing on the agenda.
I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter including this week’s Turn Up Your Speakes selections and a fairly long (maybe way too long!) and awesomely informative (?) backpack review.

Does this mean I am cynical?
Definition: believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
What I keep thinking: As long as they keep DMX hooked up to machines, his power of attorney stays in place and whoever is in control can move money, transfer property and do who knows what. This makes me wonder if that is why we went from hearing there is no hope on Monday to not hearing much else since.
Yep, I’m cynical.
There was a chapter on meditation in a book I recently read, “When Likes Aren’t Not Enough” by Tim Bono. The writer also directs his readers to this site to learn more:
So, I am sharing the site with you.
Meditation interests me. The closest thing I have to it at the moment is sitting down in my recliner at the end of a long day, plugging in my headphones and watching Tik Tok videos.
Turn up your speakes!
“You don’t have to put a quarter in this jukebox, baby!” - Telly Savalas
Sarah and the Sundays - I'm So Bored [Official Video]
Sarah and the Sundays - I'm So Bored [Official Video]
Oh, Good Grief! - Ellis Marsalis Trio
Oh, Good Grief! - Ellis Marsalis Trio
CAMERA OBSCURA - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken [Official]
CAMERA OBSCURA - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken [Official]
Jason's Bag Corner
Way back in issue #2, I wrote about my Solo Draft Slim Backpack which has been my “I need my computer” bag but does not leave the house for anything else. Over the last year, I had been alternating between three small bags for when I leave the house and just need masks, hand sanitizer, and other odds and ends.
I am now down to just two bags for that task.
My Eastsport Tech bag, bought many years ago and featured on the blog a while back, is what I use for just the absolute basic essentials. It’s as close to a purse as any bag I own.
Now I will say what I always say when I buy a new bag - I was not in the market for a new bag. These things just happen. I can’t help myself.
Presenting my brand new Fjallraven Raven 20 Backpack:
I ended up buying this bag because I wanted a small backpack that was durable, had a good amount of organizer pockets and had water bottle pockets. At only 20 liters of capacity, it is slightly larger than the sling bag I was using.
I kept an eye on eBay for one and this one was available brand new with tags for $29 plus shipping. Since the bag retails for $90 plus shipping, this was quite the deal. The reason it was cheap is there is a company logo sewn into the bag under that patch. Lucky for me, I had a really big patch for that.
Inside, we find the perfect pouches - one for my Sony recorder, one for my AM/FM/Weather Radio and another with two pens. In the big pouch, extra masks and my extra car charger.
The fantastically padded laptop sleeve is just large enough to carry my 13 inch laptop (formerly known as The Writing Laptop) and notice there is another pocket on the other side. It is empty. Maybe I will find treasures when I am out and about to put in there.
At the top, we have a soft pocket probably meant for sunglasses. I keep my main mask in there. And we have a very nice grab handle at the top.
Also, there are nicely sized water bottle pockets on each side.
Finally, check out that cool logo. It tells the world I have a $90 backpack even though I really paid only $29 for it. Shhhhh. Don’t tell.
It’s a great bag. I throw in the book I am reading and head out.
Over and out
That’s it for this star-studded fifth edition of the newsletter!
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