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I didn’t expect to be sitting in my recliner listening to our local high school play in a semifinal championship game while typing out an introduction to a newsletter. I was tweeting from the high school band account when I noticed an option for NEWSLETTER had popped up on the left side of the Twitter page so I had to click on it and guess what? Twitter bought Revue in order to give all of us Twitter folks the opportunity to start a newsletter.
I got pretty excited about newsletters three years ago. That was my newsletter subscription peak. Since then, I have dropped down to one weekly newsletter so you would think that I am not a big supporter of the format.
Wrong! I just don’t like having my time wasted so I don’t like wasting other people’s time. I am very mindful of this. If you happen to be reading these words, you have decided to spend your irreplaceable time here with me when you could be doing something much more important. For that I am grateful.
Just in the week, I decided to look toward Twitter as a new outlet for my writing. I don’t need a blog anymore when I can create a thread of tweets to write about backpacks or radios or whatever. I can do everything here. And I guess that’s what Twitter is trying to become - the everything here service.
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Twitter over the years but I am seeing things in a new light. Maybe it was hitting the gas on minimizing my material possessions and refocusing my priorities. Maybe it’s my volunteering time at the high school that will soon be coming to an end that has given me the opportunity to go in a different direction with my newly found free time.
Whatever it is and whatever this will be, I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

I podcast with others...
Revue makes it easy to embed some tweets. Let’s see how that works. I was on this podcast this week and it marks the first time I have been on the deck during a Skype recording session. It was fantastic. I plan to do as much of that as I can before cicada and mosquito season arrives.
SGMR Podcast: Cheerz 004: The Pit Of Hope
I podcast solo...
I sneezed on my podcast this week. My nose suddenly felt like it was on fire and I don’t have a sneeze button. I’ve recorded nearly every week since March of 2013 and have never sneezed on a podcast before so it’s nice to finally let one loose. It also sounded pretty impressive when I went back and listened to the recording.
Mighty sneeze - Up In This Brain! Podcast
I write....
I started my deep dive back into Twitter with these thoughts on my newly acquired Amazon Basics Urban Backpack. My account was still private at the time so I am going to share what I wrote here in its entirety:
My AmazonBasics Urban Backpack arrived today. The color is Army Green. The current price is $25.80. I paid $12.91 shipped for a Very Good condition from the Amazon Warehouse/Outlet.
It does not look like a backpack. It looks like a weird fabric rectangle. It is very light and made of fabric that does not feel expensive nor cheap. It is indifferent. It is here to carry your crap and it resents you for it.
It has a big laptop sleeve area with a huge storage space for electronics, books, binders or a bucket of KFC.
There are no pen slots. In fact, there are no small pockets whatsoever. This bag is all about piling in your crap as fast as you can and getting out of there. Throw a pen in every pocket and you’ll be covered in case you have to sign something in a hurry.
Oh, look. I think the pen straps are on the arm straps. How cool you will look with four pens clipped on for the whole world to see. Are you a writer? No, Amazon just decided this is where pens go now and Jeff Bezos has me under constant surveillance so I must do what he says.
Finally, there is a nifty quick storage pocket on the very front with a magnetized opening. This is great for thieves who want to steal from you. If you are like me, all a thief will get out of this pocket is my hemorrhoid cream and some eyeglass wipes.
Exclusive newsletter content: Why did I delete all of my tweets?
I’ve decided that I need to try to bring at least one exclusive thing to share in every issue of this newsletter meaning something I have not discussed on any podcast or tweeted or written about anywhere else. This week’s topic is why did I delete all of my tweets? I deleted all of them a few weeks ago because of all of the broken links in my feed. Removing my blog broke a ton of links and having to move the majority of my podcast episodes offline broke a ton more. I wanted to start fresh with no broken links and then try to figure out exactly what I was going to do with Twitter. I think I’ve figured it out.
Over and out
It’s the end of my first newsletter here at Revue. I tried a newsletter on Tinyletter a while back and a few people subscribed after I wrote the one and only issue of that one. I didn’t have the motivation to write more. Again, I felt like I was wasting people’s time and my own. I feel a bit better about this one. So, let’s schedule it and see what happens.
Have a fantastic week and look for me in your Twitter feed or inbox or possibly looking through that crack in your blinds that doesn’t close all the way and you’ve thought someone could look through there in the past but finally just got used to it and convinced yourself no one would ever do something like that.
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