The Worst of 2021, But Hope Remains





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The UnEarth Bulletin
Issue #165 • View online
Weekly Roundup of Environmental News by Laveesh Bhandari
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2021 has been a phenomenal year for the environment in a way that that the path ahead is now clear. Humanity will stroll into an era of climate change, and some of us of course will need to suffer more than others. There was a lot of new information, and also talk around it, some action, but little of substance. This gets reflected in the list: Worst Non-Events of 2021. 
At the same time, there is much more information, and great hope coming from a range of areas. Almost all of these are being driven by private initiative, some of them with government help and these are on the list: Greatest Hopes for 2022.
Worst Non-Events of 2021
Non-Event 10: Western world will not pay-up
Non-Event 9: Coal power plants will continue for a few decades more
Non-Event 8: The Arctic cannot be saved
Non-Event 7: Meat and seafood consumption will not reduce
Non-Event 6: Growing extinctions could not be curtailed
Non-Event 5: No technical or economic solutions to the plastic problem
Non-Event 4: Cryptos and NFT will not be green
Non-Event 3: Hydrogen still not promising enough
Non-Event 2: Global diplomacy veers towards disorder
Non-Event 1: Covid refuses to go away
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