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The Straw Burning Solution

The UnEarth Bulletin
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Weekly Roundup of Environmental News by Laveesh Bhandari
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The Straw Burning Solution
Views this Week
India among the most exposed to heat
Harvard professor asks all to bathe less
Global leaders will shout success but also whisper our collective failures
News this Week
Australian government in trouble with court's decision to make it liable against climate change
NGO innovated with crackers that spread seeds not smoke and noise
Waste burning in Lausanne irreversibly polluted its soil
Indian environmentalist historian gets global top honour
The dreaded permafrost melting has commenced in Russia
JK Cement signs contract with environment firm to reduce its carbon footprint
Troubled by its own compliances, government seeks to redefine mining
Greater than expected global warming means carbon capture only solution left
Experts worry annual bird migration may stop
Delhi-Chandigarh India's first EV friendly highway
Lightning strikes Kolkata the most, with climate change this will only grow
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