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Subsidising Nature and Taxing Infrastructure

The UnEarth Bulletin
Issue #164 • View online
Weekly Roundup of Environmental News by Laveesh Bhandari
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Subsidising Nature and Taxing Infrastructure
Views this Week
Centre lowers GST rate on ethanol from 18% to 5%
Convincing people to pay to tackle climate change is hard – treating it like a pension could help
Orbiting solar farms not as out-of-this-world as you think
Striatus 3D-printed bridge "establishes new language for concrete"
Stanford grad cuts time for charging EV batteries from 3 hrs to 2 mins
High Court rejects plea to stop Delhi metro's double-decker project
News this Week
Giant kite will catch the winds on cargo ships
US drops free-market principles in solar power
France next in line to ban plastic packaging
Mining powerhouse joins the environment wagon
Bamboo charcoal prevents deforestation and global warming
US plastics will pollute more than coal from 2030
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