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She’s Here Finally, Thank God!

The UnEarth Bulletin
Issue #141 • View online
Weekly Environment News and Analysis by Laveesh Bhandari
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The Monsoon served a googly and Indian Meteorology Dept. was quite flummoxed
It seems US power lines are not fit to handle changing climate
Today’s concrete can’t withstand climate change
Novel ways of generating electricity includes falling snow and sunlight capture
India needs to rethink its afforestation policy, trees don’t help that much
No one bid for 48 out of 67 coal mines in India
Climate Change started in 1960 declared a CIA Report
UK to classify climate-friendly investments as green
Uttarakhand first to announce Gross Environment Product estimation
Gujarat makes public its Climate Change Action Plan
Mediterranean Sea region warming at 2 to 3 times the rate of the major oceans
Government stops compulsory blending of mustard oil
Thousands of songbirds die in the US
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