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Indian Rivers Need Protector Guardians

The UnEarth Bulletin
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Indian Rivers Need Protector Guardians
Views this Week
Indonesian President found guilty of failing on pollution
Delhi will now monitor pollution on every construction site
Australia will now record and share sounds of the wild
Famers turn to agroforestry to protect wildlife
California agri-insurance premiums rise due to wildfires
News this Week
Solar cells that allow sunlight to pass through while block rain
A 1.5° C rise will be impossible to reverse and catastrophic for harm to health
Over half of global GDP highly dependent on nature and biodiversity
Hemp, lotus, banana, and bamboo fabric use becoming popular
India's actions to limit global warming are 'highly insufficient' finds
A few plants will not clean any room from pollutants find studies
Thousands of taxis grow tomatoes on car tops in Thailand
Gadkari dreams of an electric highway between Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai
Reports this Week
Extreme Weather Event News this Week
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Image: MapChart.Net
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