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India Commits to Going Green by 2047

The UnEarth Bulletin
Issue #146 • View online
Weekly Roundup of Environment News by Laveesh Bhandari
Bare minimum on the environment, and how to deal with a world at risk
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PM Modi is aggressive on clean energy
Net Zero is a bad idea that won’t work
The End of Blue Hydrogen
China wants to mine space
Sabyasachi’s simplicity and the environment
Reports this Week
Improperly closed Australian mine continues to emit methane
Kerala to acquire properties around forests
Climate change over India is now irreversible says IPCC report
Sea levels to rise for hundreds or even thousands of years
Indian railways experiments with hydrogen locomotive engines
Palm oil could be the latest cheap and sustainable renewable energy fad
Study finds more than 2 million miners will lose jobs due to energy transition
Caltech scientists to beam solar power from space to earth
NASA-IPCC report warns of faster ocean rise in Asia
Karnataka builds thousands of check dams
Tejas Thakeray, ecologist and nature lover, may join politics
Koalas may not survive worry Australian ecologists
Violators of environmental norms can get amnesty
Bombay high court shifts to smaller A4 sized paper as judiciary goes green
Extreme Weather Event News this Week
Image: MapChart.Net
Image: MapChart.Net
Environment News in Hindi
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