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Dams be Damned

The UnEarth Bulletin
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Weekly Roundup of Environment News by Laveesh Bhandari
Dealing with a world at risk
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Dams be damned
Climate change is impacting health especially of coastal women
US coal power generation halves in 10 years
Almost 1500 ha of prime Mumbai land returned to mangroves
To save sea horses we must change the technology of catching shrimp
Not much action, Delhi-NCR may choke again on farm fires
News this Week
New sodium battery frees us from monopoly of lithium
Delhi's Bhalswa landfill collapses on poor shanties
Blue whales sing their song near Lakshadweep
Monsoon shortfall of about 10 percent till August
Gadkari commits to a network of ethanol vending stations
Jim Corbett and Rajaji National park to be open throughout the year
Rising air pollution will make monsoons erratic finds study
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Image: MapChart.Net
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