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Behind the shed - Issue #21 #shedoftheyear

Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
Sheds? We got a shedfull

Some great sheds already
So entry for the 16th Year of Shed of the year has been open a few weeks, and we already have 70 entries - which is great - there seems to be a lot of people building pub sheds than last year!
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New entries
A few of the latest sheds entered into Shed of the year 2022, we get all sorts!
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
The Brown Gout - "Day time: WFH office - internet, wi-fi, TV screen monitor.

Evenings: Traditional Sussex pubs games, Dumps / Toad in the Hole, Ring the Bull, shoveha'pney,"

Pub/Entertainment - East Sussex #shedoftheyear
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
@lukersjunkyard Pallet Gym - "After googling pallet sheds I decided this was the way I wanted to go, rather than the bog-standard shed" Budget - Garden #shedoftheyear #gym #gymshed
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
Mid Century Modshed - "Mid Century inspired garden room, with cocktail bar to escape from a fast paced lifestyle. It purposely has no TV and music is provided via a 70’s music centre. "Cabin/Summerhouse - Greater Manchester #shedoftheyear @stephantrobus
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
The Orangery - "Provides improved storage, new workspace, a large greenhouse, and a pergola / covered outdoor seating area." Lockdown - Norfolk #shedoftheyear #SOTY @mccloymuchemwa
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
David has sent me more photos of the amazing model boats he builds in his shed. #modeling #modelphotography - What do you build in yours sheddies?
Interesting things from the social media world of sheds
Reilly Fitzgerald
"Burning the Midnight Oil" (2015) my shed/studio, where, because of my chronic pain and my lack of any sleep pattern, I spend much of my time creating art.
The team at Kids Invent Stuff have been busy designing and building their perfect workshop - but if that wasn't enough, they built a second one in the garden.

Watch both the video's to see the new workshops:

#RSGrassRoots #KidsInventStuff
Shed of the year is Sponsored by Cuprinol
Andrew Wilcox - Enter Shed of the year 2022!
Our #shedoftheyear sponsors @CuprinolUK have a new website and a quick way of finging what product you need for each project.

Also a page for Creative Ideas and Themes for Your Garden including Sheds obviously)
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Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco @unclewilco

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