Behind the shed - Issue #12 - The Ferret and TARDIS one





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Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
Hello, Sheddies!
Welcome to the email that celebrates all things shed - I will post some of my current favourite entries to #shedoftheyear also a few links to interesting shed stuff that has been posted online.
Enjoy, Wilco

#shedoftheyear 2021
Many thanks sheddies, we had some amazing entries this year, over 300 sheds entered.
We will pick a short list in a few weeks (and email the finalists) Watch social media for the list.
The public will then be able to vote on for each category.
We will then pick a winner from these finalists.
Here are a selection of entries for this year - we have not looked at the long list yet - so these are just great sheds.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
We don't have any #TARDIS sheds entered for #shedoftheyear for 5 years, then there are three this year and one shed that the sheddie builds them (as well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!)

Time is all wossname I reckon, like buses

But I love the sheddies!
Ferret-Mum / Tech reporter Kate Russel has made a great video for her entry for #shedoftheyear
Love the colours in Danielle sheds
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Interesting sheds
Previous entries that are piquing sheddies interest online.
This perfect dad shed keep coming up in the top 20 of stats time and time again, I last tweeted about it in Dec 2020 - so it’s the Pinterest lot loving it, will try and get new photos from the sheddie.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
Most viewed #Workshop this month is from 2009! I think it's a perfect example mind, the ideal space for #making #diy > Dad's Shed ! - Workshop/Studio Suffolk #shedoftheyear
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
Sometimes the RandomShed thing( brings up some #shedoftheyear gems from the past

The Maggie Ewing - Highland #shedoftheyear

I see #shedoftheyear as an archive of the best sheds this isle (and further) has to offer.
Duncan Jones, director of my favourite film of the last 20 years (Moon) asks a question, of course I bring sheds into my answer
Duncan Jones
What non-religious site merits a once in a life-time “Pilgrimage” in your eyes?
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
@ManMadeMoon I have visited this #shedoftheyear winning shed - it was such an experience I will never forget, so I went again a few years later and stayed the night and watched the sun set & rise #shedism
Greenhouse Chicken Coop combo Love it.
Neil Wheatley
Ran out of @CuprinolUK Seagrass before I could finish painting the greenhouse and the newly built chicken coop. Need to sort another 5litre tin. So that's the shed ceiling, greenhouse, chicken run and soon to be seating area at the allotment. Love it! #shedoftheyear #chickenrun
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AD: Bacon in your shed - Receive a £3.00 discount of your first pack (click the bacon!)
Your Builds
If you are starting a shed build in your garden, could be storage, office, pub, workshop & definitely if it’s a folly, then let me know as I would like to follow the progress and pass it onto the sheddies who are maybe looking to do the same.
Spread the #shedlove #shedoftheyear
Extending your shed?
Tell me about it!
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Let’s just hope the weather holds out!

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Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco @unclewilco

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