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Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
Hello, Sheddies!
Welcome to the email that celebrates all things shed - I will post some of my current favourite entries to #shedoftheyear also a few links to interesting shed stuff that has been posted online.
Enjoy, Wilco

View all the winners in one place
View all the winners in one place
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Entries for #shedoftheyear 2021
Some great new entries for this year, including
A whole town of sheds - built by John Fitzgerald
This has been a Covid Lockdown Project and we built it specifically for our new Granddaughter and ourselves… We ar an events company, so we have been off work for over a year, but we had accumulated loads of “Stuff” from events and decided to see if we could do this concept on a zero budget and only using recyclable materials, stuff we had and old materials etc….it is part of a larger playground and outdoor garden, but this will be the centrepiece in relation to chill out, indoor play, Tea Room, arts and crafts and anything else that she and her new Brother/Sister (on the way) decide to do with it.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
The Playhouse - "Built for Grand daughter during lockdown. Design was meant to be a mix of styles from log cabin to tin roof shed. All joins up to a multi activity experience " Lockdown - Limerick #shedoftheyear
Blinding Sheds
So we have 4 #PeakyBlinders inspired sheds added for #shedoftheyear 3 are from Merseyside what’s that about? I thought the show was set in Birmingham?
Some may Say - #NOTASHED but it’s used as a shed/studio and I think it’s great.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
Jebus - Workshop/Studio - "My floating shed, I designed it based on historical Narrow boat butties. These were known as false bows & attached to the front of boats pushed along by the rear boat. I use mine as an art & yoga studio. " Essex #shedoftheyear
AD: Bacon in your shed - Receive a £3.00 discount of your first pack (click the bacon!)
AD: Bacon in your shed - Receive a £3.00 discount of your first pack (click the bacon!)
Interesting sheds
Previous entries that are piquing sheddies interest online.
Big fan of The Bemusement Arcade and it’s oddities
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
I love it when previous entrants add new photos especially interesting but exciting sheds like this!
I think every shed should have a dodgem parked outside, what do you think @CartersFair

The Bemusement Arcade- Unexpected/Unique - Essex #shedoftheyear
Andrew Wilcox I❤️sheds
Talking of Pear Shaped - I still love this shed that was entered in 2014

The Pear Hut - Budget - Worcestershire #shedoftheyear
Singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer Chris Difford has a great shed that he has been working from all lockdown.
This is a great Library Shed, owned and used by Youth Author Fox Benwell
Fox Benwell
Hey, friends, there's a ginormous pile of collapsed boxes in the way of one bookcase/ the extending of my desk, one box to go back to the house, and electrics/blinds to come, but: library shed!
More musical sheddies - Cockney singers Chas and Dave - loved their shed
Chas And Dave
Outside Chas's garden shed 1978. Many C&D songs were written in this shed.
Your Builds
If you are starting a shed build in your garden, could be storage, office, pub, workshop & definitely if it’s a folly, then let me know as I would like to follow the progress and pass it onto the sheddies who are maybe looking to do the same.
Spread the #shedlove #shedoftheyear
Extending your shed?
Tell me about it!
IF you or your friends and family have a great shed that you think will make it as #shedoftheyear 2021 then sign up
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Let’s just hope the weather holds out!

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Andrew Wilcox
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco

I'm the Founder & head judge of Shed of the Year #shedoftheyear - Here are some of my favourite sheds & sheddies

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