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Behind the shed - A weekly email about sheds - Issue #6

Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
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Welcome to the email that celebrates all things shed - this week I will post some of my current favourite entries to #shedoftheyear also a few links to interesting shed stuff that others have posted online.

Amazing Sheddies
We look back at a previous winner to inspire your friends & family to enter their shed.
This winning shed from 2007 is the Roman Temple
This was the shed that started the whole thing, our first ever winner from 2007.
It and the sheddie Tony inspired me to carry on #shedoftheyear, as people were actually interested in my little shed idea, and now we are in our 15th year!
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
And the best Folly of them all >"The Roman Temple is a Folly. All the best stately homes can look across their estate and see a temple in the distance. It's just that this one is a bit nearer to the house, that's all" Unique Berkshire U.K. #shedoftheyear
View all the winners in one place
View all the winners in one place
Entries for #shedoftheyear 2021
Some great new entries for this year, including
This shed is built on a space where there used to be an old outside toilet and coal storage - the sheddie really has a great imagination
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
Tad A Mab - "It pays homage to its makers & has a rich Welsh heritage boasting a reclaimed 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿red slate roof, rescued stain glass window, hand made weathervane & the stone cladding from the ground it sits" Unexpected/Unique - Merthyr Tydfil #shedoftheyear
A Ba Ra Ya
I do like a shed that’s been built from all sorts of recycled material.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
A Ba Ra Ya - "Mostly materials used from the house renovation. Inside walls made from wattle & daub with lime wash. My wife calls it the A Ba Ra Ya Shed (wobbly in Japanese as hardly any straight lines) " Budget - Central Bedfordshire #shedoftheyear
Interesting sheds
Previous entries that are piquing sheddies interest online.
An Amazing ABC cinema shed
I tweeted this out as part of #fontsunday as the signage is a thing of beauty, but it’s taken on a life of its own as people are nostalgic for their local cinema.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
ABC Cinema "Shed"
It can accommodate 34 people to watch films, enjoy sweets and popcorn, It takes you back to a 1970-80s ABC cinema, It is a working museum.

#FontSunday #cinema
Library Shed
I posted this beautiful shed (again) for #worldbookday.
It’s a lovely bit of work, ok an architectural designed shed but something we would all love in our gardens
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
"Private library which has taken his lifetime to accumulate. It contains (we think) 12,000 books nearly all catalogued and shelved with quirky artefacts" The Library Shed - Unexpected from Greater London #shedoftheyear #ThrowbackThursday #library #books
Former #shedoftheyear winner Joel who we featured in issue4 of Behind the shed - showing off his books, the BOOK of SHED is a great read for anyone starting out on their shed adventure.
joel bird
It's #worldbookday . Here's the books I've written #thetablemaker and #thebookofshed . Maybe I should write one about #gardening next? Any ideas?
My books are still available. By the way. Look them up.
Buy Shed books (aff)
Buy Shed books (aff)
When the National Theatre (in that London) had a “shed” outside that they used to have performances in, I was working in London at the time and walked past it a few times, but was too hesitant to ask to see the inside!
Building a potential entry for #shedoftheyear
When #shedoftheyear was on the Telly, Architect Laura was one of the judges, and now she wants to enter her latest lockdown project! What do you think she should be allowed ;)
It’s a lovely looking summerhouse, and it’s on a rotating platform, just like Bernard Shaws’s
Laura Jane Clark
Finally renovating an old derelict summerhouse....Angle grinder + hammer = my happy place! haha No after photos yet guys are in for the long haul #shed #summerhouse #shedoftheyear #YourHomeMadePerfect #yourgardenmadeperfect #architectsonthetools #renovation #restoration
Your Builds
If you are starting a shed build in your garden, could be storage, office, pub, workshop & definitely if it’s a folly, then let me know as I would like to follow the progress and pass it onto the sheddies who are maybe looking to do the same.
Spread the #shedlove #shedoftheyear
And finally...
IF you or your friends and family have a great shed that you think will make it as #shedoftheyear 2021 then sign up
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The days are getting longer and warmer, but most of all, we have new inspiration and tips to help you make the most out of your outdoor space this spring.

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Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
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Andrew Wilcox
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco

I'm the Founder & head judge of Shed of the Year #shedoftheyear - Here are some of my favourite sheds & sheddies

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