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Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
Welcome to the 3rd email that celebrates all things shed - today I will post some of my current favourite entries to #shedoftheyear also a few links to interesting shed stuff.
As you have signed up (or been previously interested in #shedoftheyear), you will get the chance to win a book from this library at the end of Feb (so stay connected) and I will pick someone and contact you.
Enjoy Sheddies

 We look back at a previous winner to inspire your friends & family to enter their shed.
Boat Roofed shed
The roof is an upturned boat, It is located at an altitude of 750ft above sea level in the Cambrian Mountain range near Machynlleth in mid-Wales.
This is one of my favourite sheds not only because it’s quirky and pretty unique - the location is amazing, it won in 2013 and Alex the sheddie has become a good friend of mine - he DJs Dub Reggae, which is not my type of music, but you can have a great time in that shed listening to it until the sun comes up (If I remember correctly)
I have finally added a main page on readersheds with all the Shed of the year winners on, only taken me 14 years ( was a blog post before)
To start the 15th! Year of Shed of the year
Entries for #shedoftheyear 2021
View all the winners in one place
View all the winners in one place
Some great new entries for this year
This would be a perfect potting shed , with the half perspex roof a modern day dare I say it greenhouseShed combo
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
@MsMarmitelover Kelly's Cabin - "My shed combines two of my favourite things... gardening / potting and a great chilled relaxing space with family and friends " Unique - Garden #shedoftheyear
Plus we have a shedload of sheds that have been built in the lock down
We have introduced a “Lockdown” category as well for new entries, but let me know, and I will move your shed into that category if you want.
This a a beautiful looking shed, all hand made as well.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
@MsMarmitelover Barn Shed - "This shed mimics a traditional #barn design, typically seen in older agricultural yards in this area. It uses black timber feather-edge with original Cambridge gault pan tiles from 1850 on the roof " Unique - Cambridgeshire #shedoftheyear
Interesting sheds
Previous entries that are piquing sheddies interest online.
The cut wood used for decoration is turning heads.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
Cut-wood Shed - "We have had to cut down 2 trees to fit a garden shed and we recycled the fellen timber by cutting them into discs that we simply used as cladding on top of a water-proofing membrane! " Natures-Haven - central London #shedoftheyear
Love these sheds/barns from Instagram user Nate
A random shed popped up, and it got me thinking about a previous winner, Reg Miller, who is no longer with us, Reg won in 2010, and he was a big character and even before the TV show came along (he would have been ace on that) he was supporting and promoting Sheds from day one, he loved what we did - bringing sheddies together and showing off their creativity.
What a view this sheddies has got in his snow covered garden office
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
ah, then that takes me down the pirate shed route and of course the much missed Sheddie and winner from 2010, Reg of The Lady Sarah Out Of Worthing, Cheers Captain 🥃
And Purnell
Our little garden office has become quite the winter working from home wonderland today ☃️
Working on stats and got all the keywords that the sheddies have used over the past 14 years.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
Doing some stats for #shedoftheyear and looking at amongst other things - What keywords you used to describe your sheds over the past 14 years - Posh, beer and fun feature largely unsurprisingly! #sheds #tags #keywords
Your Builds
If you are starting a shed build in your garden, could be storage, office, pub, workshop & definitely if it’s a folly, then let me know as I would like to follow the progress and pass it onto the sheddies who are maybe looking to do the same.
Spread the #shedlove #shedoftheyear
And finally...
Shed Stats
IF you or your friends and family have a great shed that you think will make it as #shedoftheyear 2021 then sign up
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
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Where in the UK the sheds come from.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
Plus the sheds locations cover most counties of the UK - Essex being the most shed heavy (with >70 entrants) #shedoftheyear
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Andrew Wilcox
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco

I'm the Founder & head judge of Shed of the Year #shedoftheyear - Here are some of my favourite sheds & sheddies

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