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Behind the shed - A weekly email about sheds - Issue #2

Behind the shed - A newsletter about amazing sheds
Welcome to the 2nd email that celebrates all things shed - today I will post some of my current favourite entries to #shedoftheyear also a few links to interesting shed stuff.
As you have signed up (or been previously interested in #shedoftheyear), you will get the chance to win a book from this library at the end of Feb (so stay connected) and I will pick someone and contact you.
Enjoy Sheddies

 We look back at a previous winner to inspire your friends & family to enter their shed.
Songs from the Shed
I record acoustic sessions in the shed, what started as a hobby has become a full time obsession, As far as we can tell the shed was formerly a First World War billet hut.
Entries for #shedoftheyear 2021
Some great new entries for this year
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
April & Ella's Escape Room - "My wife & daughter both have physical disabilities & both love crafting. Our house didn't have room, I took early retirement to look after them both & decided to build a space" Workshop/Studio - Kent #shedoftheyear
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
A-frame Rum Bar - "Total escapism. Like a tropical holiday at the bottom of the garden, Designed it with a traditional A-frame hut as inspiration. Built from scratch by myself in the first lockdown" Unique - Cheshire East #shedoftheyear #aframe #rum #tiki
Plus we have a shedload of sheds that have been built in the lock down, Sorry for the scroll, but was trying to get them in one image.
We have introduced a “Lockdown” category as well for new entries, but let me know, and I will move your shed into that category if you want.
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
All the #lockdown sheds we currently have entered.

If you have built a shed in #lockdown (whichever one we are on now) tell us what you use it for, we love your shed stories, then share it with us and enter it into #shedoftheyear
Interesting sheds
Previous entries that are piquing sheddies interest online.
Lots of people loving this shed on Pinterst as they want to build a bar like- “Most of the build and furniture is built from recycled wood or cable drums it houses a fully working bar all built from cable drums”
What other people are talking about that is shed related on the social media
A shed transformation from storage into an office - nice thread from this American CEO
Lizelle van Vuuren
Built my very own studio office out of a garden shed and all done for the big unveiling today, my birthday. Nothing like building something in the winter but we pulled it off quite nicely. Just need to solve for Internet now 😅 and Undock HQ Denver will be open for business. ⚡️
A sheddie (another American) who first posted his shed way back in 2011 - posted in response to a #throwbackthursday tweet I sent - how his shed looks now - it’s well-used and loved it looks like.
Wow. Lovely memories.
She’s evolved a bit over the last 10 years.
OK I made this shoddy image as I was getting fed up with security reCAPTCHAs that were not sheds, but sidewalks and hydrants - if I find the time may implement it on the shed entry page.
I Got angry about this sloppy shed journalism from the BBC, I have calmed down now
Andrew Wilcox I❤️Sheds
I did not comment on this yesterday as I was stupidly a bit fuming by the very blinkered article (I know it's just posh/rich sheds linkbait but FFS it's the BBC not the DM)

Anyway Alex writes words a better than me and is less grumpy

but "glib and bizarre" exactly
Your Builds
If you are starting a shed build in your garden, could be storage, office, pub, workshop & definitely if it’s a folly, then let me know as I would like to follow the progress and pass it onto the sheddies who are maybe looking to do the same.
Spread the #shedlove #shedoftheyear
And finally...
IF you or your friends and family have a great shed that you think will make it as #shedoftheyear 2021 then sign up
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
Dylan Thomas's Writing Shed (photo @unclewilco) - Show us your shed
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Andrew Wilcox
Andrew Wilcox @unclewilco

I'm the Founder & head judge of Shed of the Year #shedoftheyear - Here are some of my favourite sheds & sheddies

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