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What comes after the rain 🌈🌈🌈

Tuesday was supposed to be really wet, but the weather held out and we all thought we were on for a perfect week. Then yesterday morning happened.
It was wet! There was lightning! It was a windy day! Frisbee still happened, of course, and we got some highlights for you all to enjoy. But the most important question of the day was not ‘what’s going to happen at the end of the power pools’. No, it was ‘what’s the best thing you’ve eaten in Cincinnati’ because who doesn’t like talking about food! We got some great answers, some slightly weird ones and some that didn’t mention food at all.
Yesterday finished with the Color of Ultimate game which was an awesome showcase. It even ended with an amazing sunset and a rainbow, a pretty great ending to a tough day for everyone at WUCC! Check out the full game on YouTube but catch some highlights and crowd shots in Wednesday’s roundup below. We’ll be around every day for the rest of the tournament too so check back in later in the week!

Wednesday's WUCC - What's the best FOOD in Cincinnati?
Tuesday's WUCC - What are the best pump up Songs/Chants/Tracks?
Monday's WUCC - What's your favourite Shirt/Jersey/Kit? - Highlights and final scores
Sunday’s WUCC: Close Games and Highlights
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