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The Pain of Settling - SAVI Consulting - Issue #30

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Do you refuse to settle?
I want to share with you a really powerful story that I heard years and years ago about what it means to always give your best.
There were three brothers and these brothers all worked for the same real estate broker. One year all three brothers went home for Christmas and were sharing proudly, telling their father all about their careers.
The 1st son said, “I’m making $100/week.”
The 2nd brother said, “I’m making $300/week.”
When prompted the 3rd brother shared, “I’m making $500/week.”
The proud father couldn’t quite understand why his three sons were being paid such different amounts, so he scheduled an appointment with their boss.
He went in to see the owner and said, “I just have one question. With all three of my sons being such great young men, why is it that they are paid so different in their weekly rate?”
The owner of the agency said, “I could tell you or I could show you.
So he called up the 1st son, the $100 boy and said, “Hey, there’s this new property on the market. I’d like you to go down there, walk it, let me know if this is a listing we should show some of our buyers.” The owner waited and got a call back within five minutes - it was the $100 boy. He said, “I just called down, I didn’t even have to go there and I found out it is exactly what it looks like in the pictures. We should be able to get that thing sold for about $500k.” The owner replied, “Ok thanks, I appreciate the information.”
So then he calls up the 2nd son, the $300 boy and says, “I want you to go down to this property. Let me know if there is anything unique and if it’s something we want to share with some of our buyers.” About an hour later he gets a call back from the $300 boy. “I just went down there, looked at it and it’s everything that the pictures said it was. I think we can get it for $500k.” The owner thanks him, “I appreciate you going down and checking it out.”
Finally he calls the $500 boy and says “I want you to go down to this property, let me know if there is anything interesting about it and if you think it’s something we should show to our buyers.” About 3 hours later, the $500 boy comes back into the office and shares with his boss and father, “I went down there and it’s everything it said it was in the pictures, but when I actually started poking around in the walls I noticed there was a bit of mildew that they painted over and I think that would be a concern. As I stepped outside, I talked to the neighbors about the history of the home and found out there were some pretty rough renters in the there for many years before. They did just a cheap facelift on the property, so I don’t think this is a good one for our buyers. Everything wrong would come up in the inspection which would not make our buyers happy.“
The 3rd son continued, "While speaking with the neighbors, I actually met an elderly couple two doors down who are ready to sell their home. It is pristine! They’ve owned this home for 30 years and the amount of money they would want to get out of it is significantly below the $500k asking price of the other home. So I’ve negotiated a contract for us to do an off-market deal with them. We can buy it and wholesale it out. We can probably make about $100k on the transaction and the sellers will be really happy as well. Is there anything else you need?
The boss thanked him and told him that was all. After the 3rd son left the office , he turned to the father and said, “Do you see?”
The father replied, “I see very clearly.
My 1st son, you asked him to go down there and he didn’t even do what he asked. He took a shortcut.
My 2nd son did exactly what you asked. He went down there, but he didn’t do anything extra. He did only what you asked him to do.
But my 3rd son went above and beyond. He was an independent thinker so I completely understand why for the same job, you would pay them very differently.”
This story has always been very impactful, but if you let it change you it can be the key avoid the regret of settling. Keep reading below to discover where you may settle and how to change.
Leaders expect to bring extra to every interaction.

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So how do you know if you are settling?
Settling often shows up in three ways.
Leadership is the ability to create. To move from where you are to somewhere else. This movement is what creates compound interest, because when you do only what’s expected you stagnate. If you are coaching the same season the same way year after year. You’re settling.
When develop the habit of extra and try to get 1% better or give 1% more, THAT ESTABLISHES DIRECTION.
When you add 1% on to everything you do - just a little bit extra - the growth of that will compound. It builds upon itself so that your gains over time become exponential.
A lot of times we get discouraged about doing extra because we don’t see a lot of distance.
You will rarely see massive gains over short periods of time.
When you look in the mirror everyday, it’s hard to see changes. But when you look at a picture from a few years ago, they are obvious.
But when you change your focus from distance to direction
You will discover that the changes you are making over the years are positive and powerful.
So the ONLY question you should be asking yourself each day is, am I moving in the right direction?
Victory is movement in the right direction. Focus on victories and use that as motivation to continue to establish the habit of doing extra. Don’t settle for mediocrity and hope you stumble upon something special.
You won’t.
Dick DeVenzio, one of my mentors, has a statement that I think is incredibly powerful:
“The habit of excellence can become highly addictive.”
There are a lot of things in life we can become addicted to. Most of us are addicted to comfort. We make decisions to be around people that are easy to be around. We compete at things we think we have a good chance and winning. We hope for an easy life free from pain and challenge. But the habit of excellence - is not comfortable at all.
In fact, Steve Nash once said, I am uncomfortable being comfortable.
If we define excellence as doing things as well as they can be done, giving a little bit extra, a little bit more than is required, a little bit more than we did yesterday - if that is excellence, it is one of the most uncomfortable things we could ever attempt. And once that habit of excellence becomes addictive, you won’t settle ever again. Run from comfort, for that addiction will result in a most unremarkable demise.
I want that for you, I want that for me, I want that for my kids. And that is my hope this week - that we can begin to give 1% extra, separate ourselves from the pack, and become addicted to excellence.
Anything less is settling. The pain of settling is a long and deceptive pain. It doesn’t hurt at all until it hurts all at once. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be an explorer than a settler. So bring on the great unknown. Your adventure awaits.
Stay SAVI, Coston Out
Champions have an IDENTITY that is committed to winning. A true competitive cauldron isn't a word, or scoring things. It begins and ends with each member of the team becoming committed to being better than they were yesterday.
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