Ten Ways to Fix Youth Basketball (and probably your team too) - SAVI Performance - Issue #41



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SAVI Performance
ALERT!! Over 4 million youth play basketball in the US. That’s AWESOME!!
On average, those players quit the game at 11 years old…that’s TRAGIC!
We’re doing youth basketball wrong, here’s how we fix it. If you care about youth sports, you will read this.
I’m on a mission to revolutionize the way the game of basketball is taught and played.
Join the #SAVI movement, you can start with the ten steps below.

1. Bring our A-Game
Youth basketball deserves our best. The best coaching, most resources & highest standards. 
Yet we give it the least. The least experienced coaches, no funding & few standards. 
Time to stop half-assing this thing & give it the care it deserves. Put kids first.
2. Question everything
Youth basketball is broken, start over. 
Players are leaving the sport, parents are fighting in the stands & kids are losing self-esteem instead of gaining confidence.
3. Establish first principles
Prioritize development over everything. 
North America has it backward. Winning a game, making a team or getting more playing time dictates decisions. 
Play the long game. Practices would be better if we didn’t care about a 4th-grade victory.
4. Parents it’s not about you
Parents should choose programs for development not clout, tournament wins or exposure.
Players should embrace failure instead of shying away from areas of weakness.  
Don’t sacrifice long term love of the game for a W. It’s like choosing $100 USD instead of 1 Bitcoin. Short term thinking.
5. Bamboo mindset 
Bamboo will grow for three years underground before it shoots up to be one of the fastest-growing plants. This MUST be the approach to youth basketball. 
Parents, players & coaches must align & commit to the years-long process.
6. Visual Learning
Studies show over 85% of youth are visual learners. Yet youth practices are auditory & tactile in nature. 
Every youth practice & development program MUST include visual learning. 
It’s more fun, more effective & provides access to experts.
7. Educate parents
At the youth level, no person has a greater impact on a player’s love of the game & improvement than parents.
We must educate basketball parents, so they stop being the obstacle & become the way. Any youth program should have mandatory parent involvement.
8. Discovery method
Youth structure should be about discovery & constraint. 
With varied games & unique problems, youth players can achieve creativity. 
The secret sauce of great basketball players is cleverness and creativity.
9. Develop Range
Putting players in positions, requiring performance, & punishing experimentation kills cleverness and creativity.
Set goals, establish guardrails and let them create. This is the basis for elite performance, not passing & catching w/ 2 hands.
10. Implement immediately
Any teaching to youth players must provide space & time for them to implement right away. 
This should be a practice and play structure. When your practice looks like play & your play looks like development, that’s youth basketball done right.
I’m Tyler, I created SAVI Performance to revolutionize the way basketball is taught and played.
Both of my systems are developed to teach principles over plays, develop players and challenge the archaic thinking of stagnant coaches.
I’d love to support you if you are on the same journey.
The Race & Space Offense
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Tyler Coston
Tyler Coston @tylercoston

I coach coaches.

Christ Follower. Keynote Speaker. Program Clinician. Creator of the LockLeft Defense, Race&Space Offense & SAVI Shooting System.

Email me at coachtylercoston@savi-life.com for booking.

I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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