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Rules for Leading #1 - SAVI Performance - Issue #35

SAVI Performance
Happy Masters week!
I really like to golf, I’m a 4.7 handicap. While I love to play, I rarely watch or follow professional golf.
This week, that all changed.
I hope this is a moment things change for you.

Being an avid amateur golfer was not enough to get me to watch golf consistently. But, last week I was invited to take part in a HIGH STAKES golf betting league. I said yes, immediately starting doing research, talking to others who’s opinion I trusted and now…I’m locked in watching the Masters.
You’re probably wondering, “How much is riding on this? Who did he pick for his line-up? And what the heck does this have to do with the first 5 Rules for Leading?”
Well, most coaches I speak with complain their players don’t watch enough of the sport they play. They don’t study the game or commit extra time or focus to their craft.
Just like my interest in golf, the stakes didn’t incentivize me to do more than play the game. If you want more for your team it is 100% your responsibility to lead them better.
Here’s the first rule for leading.
#1 Raise the Stakes
Leaders don’t complain about a lack of investment in their teams. They incentivize those they lead to care more. When I placed a wager with an amount of money I cared about, I locked in.
If you’re dealing with a lack of commitment, it’s time to raise the stakes. What do they have to lose? If what’s on the line doesn’t scare and excite them, you won’t get their best.
  1. Ownership - Give up control of something you care about, chances are they will care about it as well. If it fails, it’s on them and that’s scary.
  2. Pain - Establish a contract that if they fail to uphold, it will result in great pain or loss. With nothing to lose, few will bring their best efforts.
  3. Fanfare - Find a way to make a big, public display around whichever task or challenge you set before the team. Energy flows where attention goes. Make it public, make it loud and shine light upon it daily.
Most overestimate what they can achieve in a day, but underestimate what can happen over time.
Raise the stakes and you’ll be delighted with the results over time.
I’m Tyler and I’m here to help
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Tyler Coston
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I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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