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Lessons from 2 Coaches of the Year - SAVI Performance - Issue #42

SAVI Performance
In their first seasons running the #RaceAndSpace offense, both @BJKeener and @jtrey44 were named as 2022 Coaches of the Year!
Both are good friends and #SAVI coaches, so they kindly shared the lessons which helped them lead their programs to a VICTORIOUS seasons.
Remember - when you define you own victory, it is impossible to lose. That’s SAVI coaching.

Coach Keener Lessons
Ruthless Simplicity
He drastically simplified things offensively, play fast, play with space and run quick actions.
Simplicity Wins.
Our People = Our Shots
Get the ball in the right persons hands. He still ran a few sets for the right shots at the right times for his people.
Shot selection is the benchmark of an effective offense.
Shooting Wins.
They shot A LOT! Especially 3s! Which we call 7s in the #SAVI playbook. The right kind of 3s by the right people.
He tried to spend 50% of their practice time on shooting.
The game is about buckets.
Grass Grows Where You Water It!
Practice most what you want to do best.
They shot a lot - and made 175 3’s over the season!!!
Measurement is Magic
Using #SAVI wargames and the visible #WinnersBoard made things visible to both coaches and players.
If you do it, measure it. When you measure, you improve.
Coach Munroe Lessons
Don’t be stuck, be adaptable.
Build to strengths of the players. Adapting and adjusting roles, as the year went on, changed the trajectory of our season.
Getting more game like shots up in practice is vital to success.
We learned we need to focus on more actions, more movement, fewer restrictions, and more competition in practice.
Shooting is the separator. Spend more time shooting.
A player led program is a strong program.
We had to find leaders in the program who inspire and respect others and set the example.
Then, let them lead.
Let your assistant coaches have a strong voice and speak freely.
Open communication and an open mind allows for growth as a coach.
@jtrey44 and what he is building at @eagleladyhoops is setting a great example of principles we value at #SAVI.
I’m here to help.
I coach coaches and take teams to the next level.
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