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Happy New Year to everyone but those of you who don’t have enough time.
Speaking of time, one day an old man is walking along the beach while on vacation and he sees a young man sitting, looking out at the ocean. The old man walks up to the young man, curious, and introduces himself.
After some pleasantries the old man can’t help himself, so he tells the young man, “you should stop sitting around and go get to work.
The young man asks, “why is that?”
The old man says, “you should go work hard and long while you are young to earn money and buy a home and support a family.”
The young man asks, “why is that?”
The old man says, “so you can build things and gain wealth and get status.”
The young man asks, “why is that?”
The old man says, “so you can eventually retire and go on vacation and not have to work and enjoy your life.”
The young man thoughtfully considers what the old man has told him, stands up, resolved, and says, “but I’m doing that already.”
The old man is surprised, then angry, they thoughtful. He sits down in the same spot to look at the ocean.
You don’t need more time, but rather, you need to invest in TIME better.
Now many of you may be thinking…”I can’t do that.”
When you say “I can’t” you are actually saying “I won’t.”
The success formula for is simple but not easy, you must decide, “I will” or “I won’t!”

Time on Task
If something is important to you, it should be scheduled first, guard the Time you choose to invest in that. Whether it be your health, your marriage, your learning a new skill, your teams shooting. What it is doesn’t matter, it should get the most time in your day, or your practice or your work. The more time you pursue mastery, the better chance you have of achieving it. Invest more time in the things that matter most and eliminate the rest.
Intensity of Action
Measure the intensity of thought, movement, energy or sacrifice. Define it, measure it and be consistent. Don’t just do the thing, attack the thing, dominate the thing. When we just go through the motions with zero intensity, we zero out the whole formula. A shooting workout without intensity can actually make you worse. Whether in sport or life, the intensity you can bring to bear on your task will determine your outcome. Improve the intensity of your effort and your output will go from addition to multiplication.
Mindset in Focus
Most athletes will attend practice or participate in a training session or shoot around with a lack of intention. They are basing their dreams on hope. They hope they improve. They hope that their time translates to game performance. They hope they are getting better than their competition. Deliberate practice is one where each task is completed with a singular focus on what one is improving. Also, too many minds or an overload of focus can divide your training. The ideal number here is 1, that will maximize the effectiveness of your time on task and the intensity your bring to bear. Training with one clear objective guarantees improvement.
Effective Training
You don’t need new drills. You don’t need new strategies. You don’t need new players. You don’t need a new business. You need to be more effective. This formula well ensure greater output for you if you apply it. Eliminating the things that matter less is hard. Raising the intensity of your actions is hard. Keeping a focused mindset is hard.
But, like Monty Williams said, “everything you want is on the other side of hard.”
Often the hardest thing to do is take the first step. I’m here to help. So here are three questions for you to answer honestly as you get to begin anew in 2022. Your answers will lead you to action. Be a person of action.
  1. As a coach, how can I apply this formula to my team?
  2. As a leader how can I apply this formula to my family, business or friends?
  3. As a growth minded individual, how can I apply this formula to the skill I am pursuing?
Write down your answers, tell someone about it and take one step to act on each one within one week.
Why toil your whole life before becoming who you dream of being? You can be there now, it’s hard, but your TIME and how you use it is your best asset. Invest wisely. That’s a SAVI move.
I’m Tyler and I’m here to help. If you would like me to help you, your team or your business achieve more, just reply to this email. I coach coaches and design systems to help your team pursue greatness daily.
PS. I’m going to be launching the LockLeft Defense online course in a few weeks. Could you help me grow LL Nation by sharing this newsletter with as many of your contacts in coaching as you can? I’m on a mission to change the way the game is taught and played on a global scale and I need your help.
PSS. My Summer schedule for clinics and speaking is booking up. I will be sharing a link in two weeks for your to apply to bring me in to train your team, coach your coaches or speak at your clinic or conference. Keep an eye out for that email or reply to this email to get on the pre-launch list.
PSSS. I’ll be in NYC, South Carolina and Arkansas Feb 5-9, 2022. If you are in that region and want a clinic for your team or a keynote for your school or business during that window DM or email if you’re interested.
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Tyler Coston
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I coach coaches.

Christ Follower. Keynote Speaker. Program Clinician. Creator of the LockLeft Defense, Race&Space Offense & SAVI Shooting System.

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I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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