Ghost Mode - SAVI Performance - Issue #43



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SAVI Performance
Simplicity wins.
We’ve polled our SAVI coaches and the data is in.
The Race&Space offense has helped programs to become State Champions, Coaches of the Year, State Tournament finalists, win the most games in ten years, score the most points in school history and shatter all sorts of offensive records…all in their FIRST year with the system.
You want to score more points…that’s Race and Space.
You want to have more fun…that’s Race and Space.
You want to develop better players…that’s Race and Space.
We’ve asked our SAVI coaches, what was your favorite offensive action on the Race and Space action menu?
The answer was unanimous. Ghost Screens! They just work, they’re simple and they are fast.
We play fast. We play with space. We flow like water.
That’s Race and Space.
Here’s a video to help you teach Ghost screens better. If you like it you should consider the system. You can see more at

SAVI Ghost Screen Teaching Video
I hope you enjoyed that teaching video. If you want more tips to maximize your performance. Check out the webinar we are doing below!
I’m Tyler and I’m here to help…that’s SAVI Performance.
Join us this Friday at 4pm PST (7pm EST) for the SAVI Monthly Webinar!

Register on @lyveup_ to attend live or receive the recording:
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Tyler Coston
Tyler Coston @tylercoston

I coach coaches.

Christ Follower. Keynote Speaker. Program Clinician. Creator of the LockLeft Defense, Race&Space Offense & SAVI Shooting System.

Email me at for booking.

I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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