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Avoid Epic Failure - SAVI Consulting - Issue #29

SAVI Performance
Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA game. That’s epic.
What most don’t know, is that he could have scored 5,687 more points if he had done just one thing. Here’s the story.
In his 100 point game he shot his 32 FTs that game underhand, going 28/32 from the line. That’s epic.
Wilt was a career 50% FT shooter, in fact one of his coaches told him that if he could make FTs his team would probably never lose. After his second game shooting underhand, following up his 100 point performance with 72 points and over 75% from the FT line, he went back to shooting overhand and making only half his FTs.
That’s an epic failure and chances are you are making the same mistake.
Here was his mistake. Wilt said the reason he stopped shooting underhand was that he didn’t want to be called a “sissy” and feel embarrassed. He lacked courage. He preferred comfortable conformity. He cared more about status than impact.
Today, you need to evaluate where you are failing.
Today is the moment everything changes.
In all likelihood, it’s not even your fault. We are all products of our environment. We coach the way we were coached, lead the way we were led and parent the way we were parented.
In fact, the entire foundation upon which our education in America is built was first laid by Horace Mann. He saw education as an opportunity to form habits in youth that would carry into adulthood. We are products of a system designed for the second industrial revolution. A system that valued conformity of groups as opposed to developing individual learners.
In America we aren’t taught how to learn, we’re taught how to conform.
Most coaches are copycats. We would rather fail in an acceptable way than take a shot at success and risk the embarrassment of failure.
Innovation, creativity, ingenuity, mold-breaking — these are what we should be cultivating through sport. We can all agree on their inherent value, but we lack the fortitude of leading through example.
John Maxwell has said:
The greatest distance in the world is the distance between knowing and doing. Your ability to close that gap will determine the limit on what you can to achieve.
True failure is knowing there is a better way, yet lacking the courage to set out on a new path.
So give yourself a chance and avoid regret and mediocrity.
Here are three ways you can combat the pressure to conform and avoid your own epic failure.

LockLeft Defense
1. It's not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.
Eleven years ago, I was running a Point Guard College in Dallas, Texas. I had 120 athletes and 25 coaches in the gym and one of my mentors, Dena Evans showed up to evaluate me. She is a person I looked up to and deeply wanted to impress. I was proud of what we were doing. I was executing the curriculum and conforming to the tried and true plan that had been perfected for over 20 years.
Dena pulled me aside and said the words that I have carried with me into any gym I am blessed to teach in, “How this gym looks and feels is nothing special. It’s not what you do but how you do it that makes all the difference.” That hurt in the moment and, like most pain, warned me to stay away from the danger of allowing a comfortable environment. Comfort will kill you. You will die a slow and uneventful death.
Fight for your how, raise the standard and don’t get trapped by the distraction of what everyone else is doing. Every team trains the same things; champions bring consistent energy, precision and effort to the task.
It is easy to copy what others are doing. It takes greater commitment to improve how you do it. When you shift your focus to daily improvement and raising your standards, you will face adversity at every turn. But when you run headfirst into obstacles, that is when you know you are up to something good.
2. Success starts from within.
Men lie.
Women lie.
But ball don’t lie.
We lie to so many people in our lives, but no lie is more poisonous than the ones we tell ourselves. Those are the stories we tell ourselves to justify our decisions. We tell ourselves a story why we can’t win. Why we can’t take care of our body. Why it’s not our fault. Why we hit snooze, walked instead of ran, had one more drink or chose the fried food over the healthy option.
I’m honored to have all access to a professional golfer who has played at the highest levels for over 40 years. He’s a champion and also my Dad. Jeff Coston (who is a great golf follow on Twitter btw) recently said that, “all success starts from within.”
Why is it so easy to make excuses? How can we go against the flow of society and stop lying to ourselves and take radical ownership?
It starts with rejecting the ABC’s - those are accusations, blame and complaining.
Win from within.
Develop habits of rejecting the ABC’s we tell ourselves first. Only then can we turn our back and our conversation from them in the presence of others.
3. Practice 20 seconds of insane courage.
Ten years ago, I saw the most vibrant, beautiful young woman. She was exquisite. I learned she was dating someone else, and in fact she was going to be on a double date that same evening.
Another one of the people I look up to, Sam Allen, told me he does not let a day go by without doing something for just 20 seconds that requires insane courage. I went all in.
I showed up to the dinner, arrived early, positioned myself in the center of the two open seats and engaged that exquisite woman in conversation. That moment of insane courage led to her breakup (a story for another time) our whirlwind romance, marriage and 3 exquisite children.
Of all the moments of insane courage, I’ve had way more failures and embarrassments than triumphs. But that one…they’ve all been worth it.
Practice insane courage DAILY, only for 20 seconds. You will be delighted with the process, and just maybe an exquisite result.
I’m confident this can be the moment everything changes. Where you turn from a path that will lead to a long career of mediocrity, like Wilt Chamberlain at the FT line.
Do what everyone else does, and you’ll get what everyone else gets.
Reject the norm by focusing on how you do things.
Win from within by looking truth square in the eye and taking ownership.
Practice insane courage daily, and you will be delighted with your results. Whatever they may be.
Your journey will be epic.
I’m Tyler, and I’m here to help.
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I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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