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10 Reasons You Should NOT Shoot 10 Toes To The Rim - SAVI Performance - Issue #44

SAVI Performance
You have most likely taught shooters to shoot ten toes to the rim.
So have I. I was taught that way, and so I taught the way that I was taught.
SAVI is wisdom applied. We question everything in hopes of finding a better way. I found one, it’s time you did to.
In the 17 years I’ve been teaching the game of basketball. The single most impactful thing I’ve found to help players shoot faster, more powerfully and with better alignment is getting them to tilt the footprint to get their shooting shoulder closer to their shot line.
Shooting with ten toes to rim is the traditional shooting approach.
The “appeal to tradition fallacy” occurs when someone claims something must be good or true because it has always been done that way.
Teaching ten toes to rim is NOT good OR true.
Don’t leave yet, let me explain why!

1. Aim
Too many players have been told to focus on their elbow being in. That is not the goal but rather an indicator of the shooting mechanism being aimed at the target. It is easier to align the arm, hand, ball by adjusting the feet.
Think darts.
2. One Hand Shot
We don’t (currently) chest pass our shot. Many players are told and believe they need to get their “guide” hand out of their shot - they DON’T.
By tilting the feet, it removes the “guide” hand before the release of the ball to build a one handed shot.
3. Smooth Power
Simple, repeatable and effective is the goal.
Turning the feet simplifies the shooting motion - less angles, less moving parts. It smooths out the transition from lift to release.
Try it, the ball will pop off the shoulder faster than the chest or face. Most shooters will develop a lower, stronger platter point.
Think Curry, Nash & Young.
4. Rotational Power
Shooting from distance is valuable! We are building a shot that has RANGE. Turning the feet leads to more body rotation at distance. What I call turn or rotation is needed to generate more power, see any other sport that uses rotational power.
Golf. baseball, tennis, volleyball & yes pickleball as well.
5. Down with Triple Threat!
…as it has been taught. The concept is true, be a threat to do all three.
The position of exposing the ball away from the body is questionable.
Don’t expose the ball in front of your body. Watch the best 1 on 1 players - the ball is protected on their non-shooting side, over the pivot foot, while the body and shoulder turns towards defender to create space.
DON’T square up to the D. Don’t square up to shoot.
6. Stagger
A square stance often leads to staggering the feet, with one foot lunging in front of the other.
This leads to inefficient power generation. We don’t jump highest that way, neither do we shoot well from a staggered lunge.
Forcing ten toes leads to the stagger.
7. Hands & Fingers
Hey, these are important - they hold the ball.
Ten toes leads to shooting hand being across the ball & releasing with the pinky & ring fingers touching the ball last = BAD
Tilting feet brings the index finger towards center of ball and applies more pressure from center of hand on the center of the ball = GOOD.
8. Eyes
The majority of shooters have the same dominant eye and hand.
Not all. Most.
Turning feet gets the both eyes on the shot line instead of shooters bringing the ball closer to their dominant eye.
I find dominant eye impacts stance and platter position more so than anything else.
Bring the eye line to the shot line. It drastically improves posture and aim.
9. Body Mechanics
Simple. Try this.
Stand ten toes straight, lift your shooting arm across your body and hold it up in front of your eyes, then relax and drop your arm.
Do the same tilted.
Watch and feel the line that the shooting arm falls on or across when you let gravity do its thing.
Which line do you like better?
10. The Best Shooters Have Turned Feet!
Film don’t lie.
Not all footprints are the same - some are more square. Watch the trend of the best. Success leaves clues. Let’s DETECT them.
Below are ten shooting myths that should not be taught as absolutes.
This post has examined the first one.
Please reply which one you want explored next.
I’m Tyler and I’m here to help.
No single myth is inherently wrong.

Each myth just limits the learning process and removes pathways on the shooting journey.

No two shots are the same.

Explore the edges of the sandbox.

Shooters are artists, let them create.
@ me all you want, I am passionate about helping shooters make more shots.
All love.
PS. We just got on instagram. I’d love a follow and a conversation. We will be doing more on there to serve that community. Send it to your players!
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Shooting Mastery Excerpt
Shooting Mastery Excerpt
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I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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