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By Tyler Coston

I coach coaches. Christ Follower. Keynote Speaker. Program Clinician. Creator of the LockLeft Defense, Race&Space Offense & SAVI Shooting System. Email me at for booking. I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

I coach coaches.

Christ Follower. Keynote Speaker. Program Clinician. Creator of the LockLeft Defense, Race&Space Offense & SAVI Shooting System.

Email me at for booking.

I'm Tyler and I'm here to help.

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Have More Fun - SAVI Performance - Issue #51

Wanna play tag? Tag is a simple game. Someone's chasing and someone's spacing. Tag is the best cleverness training. Why? As long as you can keep space between you and the person chasing you, you win. The desire to compete pushes you to creativity, fakes, and …


Coach Less, Teach More - SAVI Performance - Issue #50

Do you coach or do you teach? I was in the gym and saw a team start to practice. Curious, I sat down to watch. I found myself on the sidelines wanting to help badly. And although this coach knows more about his team than I do, I know more about teaching than …


Youth Sport Challenge - SAVI Performance - Issue #49

1. Give advantageBasketball's hard. It takes a long time to get good. While players are getting good, they get frustrated and often quit for sports that have more immediate success.We like things we improve in. Youth basketball needs advantages, not obstacles…


Score More Points & Win More Games - SAVI Performance - Issue #48

A shot is good or bad when it leaves the hand, not when it goes in or misses.Shot selection and shot generation are painfully obvious to the savvy observer. It tells me what type of coach you are within 5 minutes of watching your team play.There's a good chan…


Start with WHY & You'll Find a Better Way - SAVI Performance - #47

How do I feel about looking a killer in the eye?Why would I share a game with people who have committed terrible crimes?How in the world can I be fist bumping and hugging men who I would be nervous to meet on the street?These were the questions overwhelming m…


Don't Close Out, Close OFF - SAVI Performance - Issue #46

With any skill you choose to teach, start with WHY! You must know your objective with any skill you teach and reverse engineer your training from that place. Form follows function. If you want more information on how to start with why, check out this webinar …


Youth Basketball Principles - SAVI Performance - Issue #45

1. PLAY MORE GAMESI'm talking about practice. It should look more like play. The majority of youth practice should be games. They need context for skills. They need to have fun. They need to touch the ball and build up experience points.These three keys will …


10 Reasons You Should NOT Shoot 10 Toes To The Rim - SAVI Performance - Issue #44

Too many players have been told to focus on their elbow being in. That is not the goal but rather an indicator of the shooting mechanism being aimed at the target. It is easier to align the arm, hand, ball by adjusting the feet.Think darts.


Ghost Mode - SAVI Performance - Issue #43

I hope you enjoyed that teaching video. If you want more tips to maximize your performance. Check out the webinar we are doing below!I'm Tyler and I'm here to help...that's SAVI Performance.


Lessons from 2 Coaches of the Year - SAVI Performance - Issue #42

Ruthless SimplicityHe drastically simplified things offensively, play fast, play with space and run quick actions.Simplicity Wins.Our People = Our ShotsGet the ball in the right persons hands. He still ran a few sets for the right shots at the right times for…


Ten Ways to Fix Youth Basketball (and probably your team too) - SAVI Performance - Issue #41

1. Bring our A-GameYouth basketball deserves our best. The best coaching, most resources & highest standards. Yet we give it the least. The least experienced coaches, no funding & few standards. Time to stop half-assing this thing & give it the ca…


You Don't Have to Take it - SAVI Performance - Issue #40

Commit to give your absolute best in service to your program.Don't fixate on the results. Commit to excellence in all that you do and you can hold your head high as you walk into any room with clear eyes and a full heart.


Rules for Leading #5 - SAVI Performance - Issue #39

One of the leaders I follow gained my respect in a moment.He isn't a coach, though he does provide correction.He isn't a business leader, though he does provide employment.He isn't an athlete, though he does like to tear up his body.I had just listened to him…


Rules for Leading #4 - SAVI Performance - Issue #38

If you haven't yet watched Ted Lasso, stop reading this and start now.Not really, finish reading...then go watch it :)Energy and belief are the sign of a well led team. When I walk in to evaluate your practice, in the first three minutes I know if you have a …


Rules for Leading #3 - SAVI Performance - Issue #37

Most of us are really good at looking people in the eye, nodding and even giving a verbal affirmative.Most of us suck at actually making a change.Do you consistently ask for feedback from your team?Do you deeply evaluate it, discover blind spots and take diff…


Rules for Leading #2 - SAVI Performance - Issue #36

This idiom is said to have originated from the practice of stretching out the neck of a turkey to kill and butcher it. The definition reads:"To bravely say or do something that might be criticized or might turn out to be wrong."Most leaders are uncomfortable …


Rules for Leading #1 - SAVI Performance - Issue #35

Being an avid amateur golfer was not enough to get me to watch golf consistently. But, last week I was invited to take part in a HIGH STAKES golf betting league. I said yes, immediately starting doing research, talking to others who's opinion I trusted and no…


The Problem with Highlight Plays - Issue #34

I saw this problem first hand as I was playing in a pick up game last week. When I got to the gym, I didn’t know anybody. When I got picked up, it was by the loudest, most intense trash talker in the gym. He looked at me and said, “You look like a shooter, yo…


Coaching Booster - Issue #33

Investigate.When you enter a space with the eye of an expert you are blind. Be a detective, be curious and wonder why. You will be bored less and learn more.No silo.Get out there and watch as many coaches as you can. Whether you see things you like and steal,…


7 Step Success Formula - SAVI Performance - Issue #32

Have you ever seen very clearly, exactly what someone needs to do?Have you ever felt frustrated watching someone you care about make the same mistakes over and over?Have you ever held back telling them the simple solution to their problems? Maybe because you …