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ᘳ º ⏏ º ᘰ Nº228 Don't procrastinate, just create! ✨ 🎨

Hello! I'm officially back on the weekly rhythm! And, I even found the time to include intro text closely tied to the subject line rhyme! ; )This HBR article by Li Jin, talks about how the creative economy on platforms like YouTube and Instagram look a lot li…


re: Twotone Newsletter Nº227 & back in session! 💠 🌀

Hey! I feel like I'm writing for the first time after 8 weeks because I am! How were Sept & October so far for you? Were you to ask me, I'd just say, 'Whew!'The last issue was right before Eurobike. Since then, it's been a bit wild! I immediately made my …


[ ⇀ ‿ ↼ ] Nº226 Eurobike 2021 | Stoked to go to the show! 🤝 🌍

Hi! After a big day of moving yesterday, I'm laying low today with sore legs & prepping for the week ahead. (40km on a truck-sized fixed gear cargo bike full of furniture is no joke!)Well, since last week's mention of deciding to sojourn to my 8th Eurobik…


٩( ᐖ )人( ᐛ )و Nº225 | In the Pipe & Five by Five ⚗️ 📶

Hello from Amsterdam! It's been a great week & I'm stoked to be sending this issue on time & packed with rad content. Let's kick off with some pop culture trivia:"We're in the pipe, five by five." - Collete Hiller’s character, Ferro in James Cameron’s…


🧮🤏 Less is More | Nº224 󠀼📉📈

Hello! The last time this newsletter made an appearance in your inbox, was a month ago! How has your summer been? Undoubtedly a weird one, I bet, but hopefully way less so than last year!The last issue I sent, Nº223, was the most opened & clicked edition …


(◕‿◕✿) Nº223 Care What You Wear 👕 👚

Hello! I feel like recently these irregular issues are more surprises for readers than managing to stay on a schedule. I hope that's ok for you! ; )Well, since I last wrote, I got married! And on the day that corona restrictions relaxed here in Holland. What …


(¬‿¬) Nº222 Less Scrolling & More Rolling 📵 🚴

Hello! I suppose I'm already on the summer schedule of irregular issue expectations but keeping the dream alive of only sending once I have a solid lineup of highlights to share. To the new subscribers: thank you for signing up! : )Summer is indeed a time whe…


(。❛ᴗ❛。) Nº221 Iconic but Ironic 🙂 🙃

Hey! Surprise, here's a Friday edition of the Twotone newsletter!How are you doing? I've been onboarding new colleagues, kicking off new projects, traveling to the USA to see my kids, squeezing in a #12hoursofmay overnighter & even preparations for gettin…


(ᴗ˳ᴗ)>c[_] Nº220 What's your post-pandemic aesthetic? 🔮 🦠

Hey! How has your week been? Here in Holland, Tuesday was King's Day (I rode a paddle boat ~10km!), yesterday was my fiancé, Kristy's birthday, and today I'm sending this from Schiphol already USA bound again to visit my son & daughter. I'll be getting my…


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nº219 Hätte, Hätte, Fahrradkette 🚲 ⛓️

I know I mentioned Ampler's recent Youtube show here but I'm re-mentioning it this week as I'm honored to have been quoted by the Dutch Cycling Embassy!


(•̀ •́)و ̑̑ Nº218 Don't get frustrated by pressure, learn to delegate better! 😰🏗

Hello! It's been a few weeks, I know. 😅Since I last wrote, I spent the better part of a week in Limburg with our longest-standing client, 2Moso. We were making footage & photos in preparation for Wahoo's re-launch of Speedplay along with content for other…


༼ง ◉ _ ◉༽ง Nº217 What you resist, persists ✊ 😣

Good evening! I hope you had a good weekend! : )Recently, I spotted this week's rhyming subject line inspiration in passing on social media and dug deeper into its roots. Turns out Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875–1961), first established the concept (and…


❅࿉❅ Nº216 Shred till You're Dead 🤙 💀

Surprise! It's Twotone in your inbox on a Tuesday!We're 53 days since the start of 2021 and I can imagine this newsletter isn't the only thing not running like clockwork in your life. But, hey I'm not here to make excuses just making conversation. (And music …


ψ(`∇´)ψ Nº215 Embrace the Worst-Case 😂 👺

Hello from snowy Amsterdam! I got out for some sled & mtb skate action. Of course, I was riding. ; ) And, also of course, I hit the deck with one slam in particular but it wasn't so bad. And on that note, let's dive in:There’s nothing wrong with hoping fo…


(ノ´▽`)ノ♪ Nº214 Sisters with Transistors 🔌 📻

hey, it's been a minute. 😅 How's it going? January has been quite the kickoff for 2021 but mostly fun!I don't have a list of inspirational bullet points this week but a film tip in case you haven't already seen it: Sisters with Transistors (you knew I'd like …


〳 ͡° Ĺ̯ ͡° 〵Nº213 | Week 1 is done, Who's still stoked for 2021? 😅 ∨ 😬

Hello! And happy new year! I kicked off 2021 by riding my bike far for fun. Any long time readers would agree: this week wouldn't be the 1st time sarcasm was used in the subject line. ; ) And those near to me know that I've been joking throughout December tha…


ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ Nº212 | 2021; We've got awhile to wait for it to get great. 🐛 🦋

Hello!Can you believe it? We're two weeks out from the end of everyone's least favorite year ever. Even the people I know who had a 'good' year, don't call it anything other than a bad year. And, as Boris says below: "2021 won’t be a cakewalk either." 😅At lea…


(×_×;)Nº211 – Don't sell your soul for that endless scroll ♾️ 📜

Hello! Surprise Saturday send out here. How's it been going?Since I last wrote you, I was in the USA for the 13th time since 2018 (a big highlight from that trip below in the Radness section) for about 10 days.At Twotone, we said goodbye to our intern Coline …


Nº210 – Fake it 'til you make it | Stubborn Optimism for 2021 & Beyond

Hey! How's your weekend so far? I opted to play catch-up a bit today & took strides to get ahead as I'll be traveling early next week.And, if you think you've seen this subject line before, you're right. Back in Feb 2019, I asked: "Fake it ’til you make i…


(¬ -̮ ¬) Nº209 A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 🧵⌛

The phrase "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" basically means it's better to solve a problem right away and prevent it from becoming a much bigger one. According to the BBC, the first recorded use of the phrase was in a book way back in 1723 and it's a sewing refe…