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(-.-) Zzz… Nº106 Rest is Best 😴 💤

"Nothing matters more than results"Except for:Community, contribution and what our friends thinkAnd 💤
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(-.-) Zzz… Nº106 Rest is Best 😴 💤
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #106 • View online
“Nothing matters more than results”
Except for:
Community, contribution and what our friends think
And 💤 ! Seth Godin recently wrote about the importance of results. But he left out rest.
I’m all about powering through. Hell, I did back to back events Sat & Sun with lots of off-road. (Dirty Boar & The Brooks c13  Transfer Ride) Man was I sore Monday!
Long time readers know I’ve also written about sleep, burn out & other rest related topics here before. Of course, it is true: sometimes you have to take a break. But when?
Outside Magazine has some great questions to ask yourself to determine if you need some rest:
  • Am I extremely sore?
  • Did I sleep well last night?
  • Is it possible that I’m coming down with something?
  • Am I emotionally exhausted?
Sometimes exercise and the subsequent endorphin release can make you feel better instantly; other times, it can just make the problem worse. Listen to your body and be mindful of how various activities affect you. For example, if running at race pace will enhance anxiety, don’t do it. Take it slow, or try something entirely different. Olson, says.
  • How many days have I worked (out) in a row this week?
I’m trying to take it easy & get some extra rest this week. Hopefully, you can too! ✌️
with appreciation,
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Here's to getting some rest this week!
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