🛤 🚞 You only need a minute 🚞 🛤 Nº62– Cycling, Startups & Sales ✌🏻️

As some long time readers may recall, this isn't the first time I've penned an issue from a night tra
🛤 🚞 You only need a minute 🚞 🛤 Nº62– Cycling, Startups & Sales ✌🏻️
By Twotone Amsterdam • Issue #62
As some long time readers may recall, this isn’t the first time I’ve penned an issue from a night train. Typically between Amsterdam and Munich, this edition is being prepared on the rails between Bregenz & Vienna. 
I’m en route to the 1st ever Vienna Bike Show and will be helping with content on their insta all weekend. Say hey if you’ll be there!
Blasting my data plan tethered to my phone, I’m burning through MBs by the minute to ship this issue, so I’ll keep it short. Speaking of keeping it concise, think of the one minute rule the next time you’re giving advice.
As always, thanks for reading!

The lesser-known sides of Robin Williams—the athlete, the bike nerd, the activist—were all tied to his love of cycling.
You have a few days left to honor Robin Williams’s legacy as a disability rights advocate by bidding on his personal bikes. Proceeds support the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Read more about the story behind the auction here.
After 7 years in Berlin, the Fahrradschau has decided to head south for its first bike show beyond Berlin. Now only a day away from heading to Vienna for the first time since 2003, I’m stoked to see what this Austrian iteration of the show holds. If you’re nearby or even far, these are the top ten reasons to hop on a plane, train, bus, bike or (gasp) even car!
Before the young bike racer piloted it to a national championship, the bicycle was just another frame in a jig in the master builder’s Connecticut workshop. Long read here but if you like bikes… ; )
"a peer-to-peer bike sharing community, like Airbnb for bikes"
Cycle.land connects people with bikes! They are a social marketplace for bike sharing with a mission is to make bikes easily available and affordable to everyone everywhere. Check out their nearly funded campaign on Seedrs.
Follow @cycle_land on twitter & like them on FB.
Growth hacker (this term is aiming to dethrone “pivot” as most annoying startup buzzword)? Online Marketeer? Growth marketer? Product marketer?
Either way, the team at Revue (the wonderful platform I use to pen this newsletter every week) has decided to hire a head of growth that can help them grow even faster. If you live near Amsterdam, apply!
Founder Oliver Samwer says his company is in great shape. But an examination of Rocket’s operations reveals an incubator that’s much better at starting new companies than running them. 
"teams grew revenue 24% faster & profit 27% faster over three years."
With marketing and sales departments merged, your company can thoughtfully select clients, allowing you to market and sell in a contextual, personalized way.
James Carbary spoke with 10 marketing executives, and they shared their best practices for involving sales in their content strategies.
“According to a study, executives consider less than one-fifth of the meetings they have with salespeople to be valuable.”
Here’s a three-part approach to add more value. If you sell to C level execs, this one is worth diving into. 
The race is 63miles, 8.2k ft of climbing over pavement, fire roads & singletrack
I’ll be the first to admit skepticism when Grinduro exploded across the pop-cycling blogosphere last year. […] when I was offered a last-minute entry, ever the curious skeptic, I obliged. What I came back with was a renewed sense of hope for cycling, and for its competitive aspect, where I feel most at home.
Nate at abovecategorycycling.com shares the stoked Giro’s Grinduro and dives deeper into what it could mean for cycling in general.
God damn I wanna get over to Quincy, CA for year three! : )
Can Grinduro create a new, sustainable model for racing?
Here's to taking a min to make a difference this week!
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