To “run what you brung” is an old racing term meaning racing what you rode to the race.  Back in the
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By Twotone Amsterdam • Issue #101
To “run what you brung” is an old racing term meaning racing what you rode to the race.  
Back in the late 1940s when servicemen came back from the war. They had no money for racing bikes, but they wanted to have fun. Hooligan racing was mostly a Southern California thing where they could race year round. People would ride a motorcycle to the event, race with it, and then ride the same bike home. - Bruce Brown on Hooligan racing
To me, run what you brung can be about both competing with your daily whip but also being ready to take on challenges without extra preparation. In other words, not hesitating to go for it with what you showed up with. This is better than “fake it till you make it” because you’re not faking. You’ve done this. You’ve got this.
You’re doing what you’ve done before but only faster or with higher stakes. How confident are you to compete armed with what you currently have on hand? How do you ensure that what you’ve brung will be enough? 
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🦄  Best way to a Speedvagen: get fit by the man himself in your backyard🦄
🦄 Best way to a Speedvagen: get fit by the man himself in your backyard🦄
Speedvagen Announce European Fit Tour | GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine
We’re proud to be supporting Sacha White & Speedvagen with their first ever European Fitting Tour this month. Check out dates on Gran Fondo.
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Tern's folding GSD utility e-bike debuts with 180 kg cargo capability
Some time ago my bud Chris of Good Times Roll & AD.LIPS asked me to help with (and star in!) a Tern photoshoot. This new electric and folding cargo bike, dubbed the GSD (Getting Shit Done!) rules! Thanks for the opportunity guys!
Bicycle Landscape Pre-Order
For Bicycle Landscape, my friend Yorit Kluitman cycled through all of the Netherlands’ 388 municipalities and photographed the landscape between the cities and villages, exclusive of people and buildings: a cross section of the organised Netherlands. Pre-order here. (Fun fact: Yorit designed our logo!)
Listnride aims to become European sharing mainstay, bicycle retailers invited to supply bikes
Already 76% funded on Seedrs, our client, European bike sharing business Listnride is inviting everyone including bike shops to become part of its bike hire infrastructure. Check out the campaign:
Learn more about the founder on their blog.
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Episode #006 covers:
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- Two things to avoid in your follow-up emails so you don’t end up with a totally unproductive sequence
- What are value propositions and why you need different ones in your sequence?
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why i'm quitting cold email
“I’m a cold email expert. I’m done with cold email.”
Spoiler alert:
the next time you consider hitting “send” on a CSV file of victims, ask yourself:
  • is this the only way i can add value to these prospects?
  • is this the only way they’ll know i exist?
  • if yes, is that a serious problem for my business?
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Here's to running what you brung this week!
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