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౦0o 。 (‾́。‾́ )y~~ Nº229 Whole Lotta Loot From Taxin’ Soot! 💸💨

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౦0o 。 (‾́。‾́ )y~~ Nº229 Whole Lotta Loot From Taxin’ Soot! 💸💨
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #229 • View online
Hello from St. Pete, Florida!
Every trip I make here, I’m struck by the size of cars but also the size of food sold in stores, the number of Amazon delivery trucks, what feels like excess waste all over, and a general attitude towards consumption that has no bounds.
But this isn’t solely an American attitude. Sure, the USA has done its share to export its ‘bigger is better’ & instant gratification ideals but the consumer & corporate plight of spiraling carbon footprints & the ramifications thereof know no borders and we’re all in this together.
As many of you may know, the COP26, is currently being held in the UK and it is a chance to step up the de-carbonization commitments made during COP21 (the Paris Agreement) back in 2015. I came across this Goldman Sachs (lol, I know) report where they analyze five key themes of change they believe can drive progress:
1) Carbon pricing: “Carbon pricing is a key instrument for de-carbonization, but it also needs to be a fair instrument, prevent carbon leakage, and provide greater confidence and transparency for voluntary offsets.”
2) Consumer choice: “Governments could mandate carbon footprint disclosure on products/services and set the standards in a globally coordinated fashion, empowering consumers to choose low carbon goods and manage their carbon budgets.”
3) Capital markets pressure: “The rise of ESG […] needs better instruments to gauge temperature alignment of corporate strategies and more regulatory visibility to accelerate clean-tech investments.”
4) Net Zero:National commitments to Net Zero and further cuts to carbon emissions by 2030 will be at the core of inter-governmental discussions: […] highlighting the importance of clean tech ecosystems including renewable power, batteries, hydrogen, carbon capture and the circular economy.” (more about this below!)
5) Technological innovation: Goldman Sachs expects a cumulative US$56 tn of green infrastructure investments to meet Net Zero by 2050. Elsewhere, I read that carbon taxes generate a vanishingly small amount of revenue & based on existing data concerning greenhouse gas emissions, a global tax of around $100 per tonne would net upwards of $3tn in revenue per annum. (via Exponential View’s Charts of the Week #49)
I found this list helpful & clearly the days of ignoring this issue are long since over. So inform yourself & take a stance on this topic! I’ve shared some links below related to this below as well.
What do you think about the COP26?
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Here's to nations earning a whole lotta loot from taxin’ soot!
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