What. A. Week.  Last time I mentioned Trump I found I had some supporters subscribed. I was elated. O
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Nº75 🗯️ from hair trigger to self-aware rigor 💭
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What. A. Week. 
Last time I mentioned Trump I found I had some supporters subscribed. I was elated. Ok, we lost some subscribers but encountering & engaging pro-Trump people in Holland is nearly impossible. (everyone has seen this right?)
At any rate, the daily barrage headlines and their countless implications coming out of DC is overwhelming. I was stepping away from (alternative) facts to prepare for this newsletter and read about the concept of The Most Respectful Interpretation
I’m not suggesting you try to determine a silver lining or non-nefarious motivation to the new administration’s insidious intentions but rather, in your daily life. Try to go from hair trigger to adopting a more self-aware rigor. From the post:
By pausing to reflect on our anger we can recognize that we are making a negative assumption and challenge ourselves to invert the situation and consider the opposite: “What is the most generous assumption I can make?”
In other words and to paraphrase, Shane from Farnam Street, the next time you find yourself annoyed with colleagues, angry at others on the road, or just judgmental about decisions other are making: try to skip the negative assumption and strive to interpret the situation in a more respectful and generous way. You might eventually realize that the broccoli tastes good. (broccoli emoji due later this year!)
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Here's to making the most respectful interpretations this week!
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