ʅ(。◔‸◔。)ʃ Nº241 An opportunity one should never forsake, is that to make a new mistake 😬 😳


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Twotone Consulting | Est. 2014
ʅ(。◔‸◔。)ʃ Nº241 An opportunity one should never forsake, is that to make a new mistake 😬 😳
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #241 • View online
Surprise! I managed to get an issue out after my first really relaxing Sunday in what feels like quite some time. It has been a busy few weeks at Twotone HQ since issue Nº240 which culminated to yesterday’s Ride Out Around the Olympic. Our greatest contribution to the event beyond PR promotion and day-of photography was to get the Puncheur duo from Belgium up to Amsterdam to do a custom spray-paint portrait of Piet van Heusden, the Netherlands’ oldest living world champion!
Cutting to the chase, I saw Kevin Kelly recently turned 70 and his list I last shared at the beginning of corona two years ago (check out #4 as it pertains to this week’s title) was just the beginning. He shared 99 when he turned 69 & for his 70th: a whopping 103!
Again, I’ve picked only 10 to share here:
  1. Don’t keep making the same mistakes; try to make new mistakes.
  2. If you stop to listen to a musician or street performer for more than a minute, you owe them a dollar.
  3. Efficiency is highly overrated; Goofing off is highly underrated. Regularly scheduled sabbaths, sabbaticals, vacations, breaks, aimless walks and time off are essential for top performance of any kind. The best work ethic requires a good rest ethic.
  4. When you lead, your real job is to create more leaders, not more followers.
  5. Productivity is often a distraction. Don’t aim for better ways to get through your tasks as quickly as possible, rather aim for better tasks that you never want to stop doing.
  6. Immediately pay what you owe to vendors, workers, and contractors. They will go out of their way to work with you first and next time.
  7. Your growth as a conscious being is measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.
  8. Speak confidently as if you are right, but listen carefully as if you are wrong.
  9. The consistency of your endeavors (exercise, companionship, work) is more important than the quantity. Nothing beats small things done every day, which is way more important than what you do occasionally.
  10. Spend as much time crafting the subject line of an email as the message itself because the subject line is often the only thing people read.
  11. When you have some success, the feeling of being an imposter can be real. Who am I fooling? But when you create things that only you — with your unique talents and experience — can do, then you are absolutely not an imposter. You are the ordained. It is your duty to work on things that only you can do.
  12. A wise man said, “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, “Is it true?” At the second gate ask, “Is it necessary?” At the third gate ask, “Is it kind?”
  13. For the best results with your children, spend only half the money you think you should, but double the time with them.
Ok, ok. That’s 13. ; )
The whole list is epic!
thank you, as always, for reading & sharing this newsletter,
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📷 banner image by my colleague @kike.molares for @rideout.amsterdam‘s innagural @rondesvanamsterdam event: #rideoutaroundtheolympic

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Here's to making new mistakes this week!
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