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(◕ل͜◕) Nº239 | If You're in Berlin, Say Hello at Vélo! 🚆 🇩🇪
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #239 • View online
Hi there from this Berlin-bound ICE train! Kristy & I are in town for the Vélo Berlin show!
Like the last, I’m keeping this one quick but do have a solid intro for you to bite into. Check out my fave 5 of Studio D‘s fifteen principles for media exposure catered more towards freelancers or entrepreneurs:
1. The primary benefit of media exposure is that it shortens the path to interesting conversations and collaborations.
2. Media exposure is overwhelmingly positive regardless of whether it is accurate. Don’t believe the hype, least of all when it’s about you.
3. Humans are constantly seeking closure. The liminal space between the concreteness of what you share and what the audience imagines is the the most powerful amplifier of your intent. Your role is to enable the audiences imagination and to help set the direction of (rather than policing) their thinking.
4. Long term credibility is higher when journalists discover you on their own terms and at their own pace. You can support this by providing a comprehensive, consistent touchpoint on yourself, without being subject to wayward social media algorithms or organisational media policies. Journalists are suspicious of overly polished interviewees. Only you can bridge your work and personal personas.
5. A colleague that reads about your work from a trusted (by their definition) external source will have greater buy-in than if they hear it direct from you. They will assume that the organisational processes of vetting content for public consumption are the result of high-level organisational buy-in.
Also in the most recent issue of their newsletter is a breakdown of their take on the ladder of media influence. I suggest you sign up for their Radar Mailing List! :D
And, if you’re also in Berlin for Vélo, reply & say hello! : )
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📷 banner image by yours truly during my ride yesterday with Bart of DOX Records in Malmedy, Belgium.

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Here's to saying hello at Vélo this weekend!
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