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ヽ(*´∀`)ノ┌┛Nº236 You can't teach an old dog new tricks just for kicks 🦵 🐕

Twotone Consulting | Est. 2014
ヽ(*´∀`)ノ┌┛Nº236 You can't teach an old dog new tricks just for kicks 🦵 🐕
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #236 • View online
Sunny Thursday salute from St. Pete, Florida.
I’ve been working remotely here all week during my 23rd trip to visit my son & daughter here.
The timezone blade has been cutting both ways big time as the Twotone team is currently launching new products, helping open new stores, kicking off with new clients, and pitching even more. That has meant both late nights, jammed days, and what feels like a rolling 24hr cycle of updates, invoices, and outreach as well as 10 days of valuable time with my kids.
2022 is on a roll & which is great but can take its toll; I don’t want to move so quickly that I drop balls or run into walls. I’ve been very grateful for the support of my colleagues Kike, Guy, Brigita and next week, our new colleague, Bob! Our technically not a team member & behind the scenes fixer, Puck of Headroom makes a tremendous difference every week but especially when I’m abroad!
The Twotone team is keen to up our game more than ever and we’re looking into tools, process improvements, new ways of working, and strengthening both the team as well as our relationships with longstanding and recently onboarded clients. If that sounds like improving or refining the culture at the company, you wouldn’t be wrong. or would you? We’re nearly all from different cultures too. (Dutch, Spanish, Lithuanian, American) I think you can teach an old dog new tricks only not just for kicks. (I learned 50/50 grinds this week, haha!) Failing to zero in on what exactly we all collectively wish to achieve with our culture at Twotone would be naive.
But what does culture even mean? My wife Kristy (👋) shared this first part of a seven-part limited series, where W. David Marx’s new newsletter (it covers pop culture and the hidden mechanics behind it) examines the four main ways we use “culture”. Which, he says, may be the worst word in the English language. lol.
Key Takeaway:
“Culture” is an annoyingly polysemous term used to denote at least four different things: fine arts, communal customs, commercial products and media, and the organizational norms inside of large companies.
It is a great read & I’m stoked on the series as I’m an ardent lover & critic of cultures in all shapes, sizes, and delineations. Expect more nods to Marx’s series in the coming weeks & months!
thank you, as always, for reading & sharing this newsletter,
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Here's to learning new tricks this week, whether you're an old dog or not!
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