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(೨♛‿♛೨) Nº231 Kings of the Big Rings 👑 ⚙️

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(೨♛‿♛೨) Nº231 Kings of the Big Rings 👑 ⚙️
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #231 • View online
Good evening from Amsterdam!
I spend a large portion of my afternoon battling a clogged kitchen sink and emerged victorious without using any toxic drano stuff. That was preceded by fuzzed-out band room jamming on Friday and an art exhibition opening attended with friends on Saturday so the weekend feels like a win for sure.
On that note, here’s some end of the week newsletter food for thought:
Days, months, and years all make sense as units of time—they match up, at least roughly, with the revolutions of Earth, the moon, and the sun.
Weeks, however, are much weirder and clunkier. A duration of seven days doesn’t align with any natural cycles or fit cleanly into months or years. – Joe Pinsker for The Atlantic
His article is an interview with David Henkin, a historian at UC Berkeley. Henkin’s new book, The Week: A History of the Unnatural Rhythms That Made Us Who We Are.
Sure it’s fun to work for the weekend and do it all over again but wonder what a week is really about after all. I’m leaning towards a 4 day work week at Twotone but we haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
What do you think?
Maybe then we’d jam at the office on Thursdays ; )
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📷 banner image for our 7-year T by Kike Molares

How It's Made: Ottolock's handmade build process
How It's Made: Ottolock's handmade build process
How It's Made: Ottolock's handmade build process
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15 mins of desert rock riffs to get lost in!
Kings of the Big Rings & Silk Road Mountain Race Footage
Here's to putting it into the big ring this week!
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