(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Nº230 The power of rhyme in 7 years time 💪 7️⃣


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(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Nº230 The power of rhyme in 7 years time 💪 7️⃣
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #230 • View online
Welcome to a weekend-ending edition of the Twotone weekly newsletter! How was your weekend?
After a week+ in Florida (including Halloween!), a weekend in Philly for the Philly Bike Expo & a day-long layover in Chicago… Not to mention a full week back in the office here in Amsterdam, my oldest step-son, Rowan’s bday, attending Atelier Munro’s new store opening & recording the latest Mechanics of Joy with Kike and guest Lian from Shift Cycling Culture (recording up soon): I just took it easy this weekend!
Despite no real riding per sé, I was excited to share recent riding (and skating!) snaps from Laurens ten Dam’s co-owned brand: Live Slow / Ride Fast brand’s AW21 release in which I managed to make an appearance. What a fun shoot!
You had to have noticed a big cat themed banner image above designed for Twotone’s upcoming 7 year anniversary. This graphic will be on the back of a limited edition long sleeve that we’re now taking orders for. More info below!
This week’s alliterated preamble could reference going on nearly 7 years of rhyming subject line but really originates from an article about key conversation skills kids should have before they turn seven. Do a double-take if any of these aren’t already in your interpersonal communications quiver:
  1. 🤝 Share understandable stories
  2. 👂 Listen to stories
  3. 🤔 Ask follow-up questions
  4. ℹ️ Describe things in a detailed manner
  5. 📙Understand the majority of what they hear at home and school
  6. 🗣️ Pronounce most sounds correctly
  7. 💬 Utilize rhyming words
  8. 🔢 Utilize some numbers
  9. ☯️ Understand right from wrong
  10. 🪞Understand how others perceive them
Certainly some fun food for thought for all the parents of early elementary-aged kids reading this week. Hell, even parents of teenagers ; )
thank you, as always, for reading & sharing this newsletter,
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🙏 Thank you all for the replies & good vibes each week!
📷 banner image by Twotone resident illustrator & designer Kike Molares

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Here's to putting in the time to rhyme this week!
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