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❅࿉❅ Nº216 Shred till You're Dead 🤙 💀

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❅࿉❅ Nº216 Shred till You're Dead 🤙 💀
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #216 • View online
Surprise! It’s Twotone in your inbox on a Tuesday!
We’re 53 days since the start of 2021 and I can imagine this newsletter isn’t the only thing not running like clockwork in your life. But, hey I’m not here to make excuses just making conversation. (And music suggestions.)
In fact, as the subject line suggests, I intend to talk about shredding (not literally, really I mean playing) until you’re dead (yeah, I mean that literally).
Well, two weeks ago, Amsterdam was still covered in snow and I got out to sled with two of my fiance’s kids and decided to bring an all-terrain skateboard we have at the office along too. Local photographer & new friend of mine, Will Lounsbury, caught the action.
“The opposite of play is not work — it is depression.” – Brian Sutton-Smith
Well, of course, I slammed. But I got up and did the run again. That should be no surprise as I’m not bombing frozen hills because I’m wise.
My point?
It’s gratifying to muster the gumption to go for the gold even when you’re ‘old’. And I’m only 36. Certainly an age compatible with pursuing a second career in extreme sports, haha! I know people ~15 years my senior that are shredding exponentially harder than me! (Here’s lookin’ at you, Mike Frazier!)
So, the next time you’re second-guessing sending it, I say: opt to go full send. Your younger self will be proud you did and you’ll still feel like a kid. (That is until you slam) 🙃 
as always, thank you for reading,
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❄️ 📷 : banner image courtesy Will Lounsbury

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Here's to shredding till you're dead! Hopefully, many, many years from now! 🙃
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