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㋡ Nº192 Avoid going bust by building reputation & trust 🐢🤝

The quarantine continues in Amsterdam & likely where you are too. But things are relaxing here.
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㋡ Nº192 Avoid going bust by building reputation & trust 🐢🤝
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #192 • View online
The quarantine continues in Amsterdam & likely where you are too.
But things are relaxing here. Schools & businesses are slowly re-opening. The eeriness, awkwardness and tension in public spaces is dissolving. At least here in The Netherlands, a daily life not under the corona cloud is visible on the horizon. Personally, of course I’ve been riding to help stay sane. Avoiding people but exploring new places has been my big ride M O.
On my rides, I think about how for many people around the world, the stress is more serious than ever and the future remains uncertain. Regardless of local lockdown laws or exacerbated stress levels, the times are turbulent for every one. But weren’t they already? The rat race wasn’t working.
So what s/were/are we doing about it?
Considering that I try to keep this newsletter aimed at helping, I stalled for a week with this issue. I was looking for a message to share that could help make things better.
I found my spark when I finally made the time to listen to this only month old Seth Godin interview by Magali De Reu about marketing in the time of corona.
“People often have what they need, but seldom what they actually want. […] When society is hit by a crisis, you can do three things: react, respond or initiate.” – Seth Godin

  • Reacting means a negative reaction to external input, such as news or medication, for example
  • Responding means that you respond to an external signal to make it better
  • Initiating means helping even if nobody asked you to.
This newsletter’s last issue included a number of initiatives to help others so it was heartening to read those words. Two weeks later, the instinct remained to not simply react to the crisis or even rationally respond. But rather what will define my company’s effort contribute? All of our contributions, no matter how small, are what will save us all.
So, Seth’s ending note when Magali asked him about his contribution? He referenced his daily blog and said sharing wisdom with other people is what matters. Being able to contribute makes us all better.
By aspiring for that singular maxim, I’d say we’re all well on our way to avoid going bust by building reputation & trust. Sure, some things may not pan out for you or others but resolving yourself to “life isn’t fair” can sound a lot like “I don’t care”. So:
Stay safe and stay true,
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Here's to avoiding going bust by building reputation & trust this week!
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