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Nº188 | The Quarantine Golden Mean 🌟⚖️

Hey, how are you holding up? I'm doing ok. This had been a weird week for everyone. I know it has bee
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Nº188 | The Quarantine Golden Mean 🌟⚖️
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #188 • View online
Hey, how are you holding up?
I’m doing ok. This had been a weird week for everyone.
I know it has been an especially tough one for some, yet a strangely similar one for others (those already working remote) but undeniably different for most of us.
I hesitated before writing about what is currently happening globally but then decided, chiming in was worth it. We’re in this together and it is important to speak up.
This newsletter has always given me the chance to explore and share insight into some of the bigger and also more granular themes I encounter, plus I realised that Golden Mean rhymes with Quarantine. So, ran with it. ; )
It has been eons since my last philosophy class, so diving into some basics of philosophy was actually a fun change of pace. Aristotle’s Golden Mean is the median between two extremes. Finding the sweet spot between excess and deficiency is what most of life is all about, ultimately. But, particularly in the context of COVID-19, we should agree that, in a very collective sense, it is a time to not be reckless, nor rash: let’s be reasonable. This is classically subjective. So, how to ethically find the balance between the extremes?
[C]ourage is the ‘golden mean’ because the virtuous person is the one that is both appropriately afraid and yet also appropriately brave. - Anam Lodhi
I’d wager that ethics & epidemics have been the topic of heated conversations since forever. (FYI: more about the difference between epidemics and pandemics here.)
Well, as I also dug deeper into the overlap of Aristotle’s concept of Nicomachean Ethics (the name normally given to Aristotle’s best-known work on ethics) and our current global crisis, I came across the name Daniel Sokol. Mr. Sokol known for his academic and journalistic writings on the ethics of medicine. Sounds relevant right? He is publishing some thoughtful stuff right now. Follow him on Twitter here.
Ethics in these pandemic times may require us to endure sacrifices on our personal freedom or comfort, such as social distancing or avoiding a visit to the doctor. - Daniel Sokol
To me, this is about putting the we over the me. Not many people are used to that ‘greater good’ concept nowadays. In fact, not many are used to anything that is happening nowadays. Some are.
Meet Dr. Mary Black. She grew up in Northern Ireland during Troubles, worked through a war in Bosnia, lived with a baby under UN Sanctions in Serbia, worked as a clinician during the early days of HIV, and has been involved in various outbreak investigations, she has been here before. Today, she wrote: this too, shall pass and shared 10 things she has learned.
In closing, if your self-imposed quarantine has got you down. Consider taking a moment to better understand the colossal challenges facing people like you and me on an an individual, local, national, international and global scale. Find your own balance between extremes, do your part, wash your hands and let’s always remember this era when we come out stronger on the other side. 💪
As always, thank you for reading,
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Here's to finding your quarantine Golden Mean this week!
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