Writing in plain language makes your content easier to read, easier to understand, and more accessibl
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Writing in plain language makes your content easier to read, easier to understand, and more accessible. It’s the right thing to do for your customers and your business.
I try to keep these intro’s inspiring & actionable. I hope you agree & find it helpful too! ; )
This week, I read a Handy List of Human Words, they revolve around the the basic content principles of keeping writing simple, direct, and human.
At Twotone, we’re often answering questions like the following for brands, media, the public and even ourselves:
  • who can do something
  • what you can do or what you can’t do
  • what you need and/or what you need to do
  • how to do something or other ways to do something
  • what happens if you do something or what happens if you don’t do something
  • when something happens and/or why something happens
The full list is here. But here are my favorite 3 per category:
  • he or she → they
  • users → customers
  • users → people
  • activate → turn on
  • assist → help
  • optimize → make it better
  • able to → can
  • allows you to → lets you
  • required to → need to
  • regarding → about
  • additional → more, other, different
  • e.g. → for example
  • in conjunction with → at the same time
  • simultaneously → at the same time
  • subsequent → future, later, upcoming
  • credentials → username and password
  • methods → ways
  • optimization → improvement
As always, thank you for reading!
with appreciation,
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Banner images courtesy Leon van Bon for the launch event we organized with Cannondale in The Hague last week starting at Lola Bikes & Coffee. I hope to share more about this event here in the newsletter soon! : )

Rei is gravel famous in Europe!
Rei is gravel famous in Europe!
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How to Change a Mind
See you at Workspace 6 on Dec 13th!
See you at Workspace 6 on Dec 13th!
Here's to writing more human this week!
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