( ◡‿◡ ) Nº157 A shared belief in Kolektif 🐝🍁


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( ◡‿◡ ) Nº157 A shared belief in Kolektif 🐝🍁
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #157 • View online
🐝 🍁 ‘bee’ + ‘leaf’
Get it? ok, ok, I’ll stop. ; )
So what’s Kolektif?
It is the successor the The Berliner Fahrradschau. (I first wrote about it back in January when it was announced)
Well, I made a quick trip out to Berlin Friday for the opening night of the show. I arrived in the morning and got a nice ride in with my friend Stefan Haehnel, visited Cicli Bonanno then headed into the show.
Tomorrow Stefano of the Broom Wagon podcast will share my initial impressions. In short, I felt great about the show. I was mega impressed with that Ingo & the Rad Race team pulled together so quickly + seeing so many cool companies believe in this initiative and come together to keep the spirit of their favorite bike show going was inspiring!
As always, thank you for reading,
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Very stoked about this one! Twotone is a partner, so you know its gonna be good!
Very stoked about this one! Twotone is a partner, so you know its gonna be good!
Flare Bicycle Festival | 22 & 23 June
Here's to keeping the belief alive this week!
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