Hello! Thank you for tuning in this week! Tom Whitwell of Fluxx recently shared 52 things he learned
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Hello! Thank you for tuning in this week!
Tom Whitwell of Fluxx recently shared 52 things he learned in 2018. Here are 10 that I thought you might like:

  1. “Venture capital firms that increased their proportion of female partner hires by 10%… had 9.7% more profitable exits.” [Paul Gompers & Silpa Kovvali]
  2. AgriProtein is a British company that operates two fly farms in South Africa. Each farm contains 8.4 billion flies, which consume 276 tonnes of food waste and lay 340 million eggs each day. Those eggs (maggots) are dehydrated, flattened and used as animal feed. The company is worth $200m, and they’re planning to open 100 more factories around the world by 2024. [Andrea Lo]
  3. In 2015, the Billboard top 200 featured twice as many acoustic guitars as electric guitars. [Brandon Gaille]
  4. US nuclear testing between the 1940s and 1970s may have killed as many Americans (from radioactive pollution) as were killed by the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [Tim Fernholz]
  5. In April, a team at National Taiwan University created an automated Instagram comment generator that can look at images and leave replies that are convincingly human. Sample robo-comment: “I love your shoes!!! HYPED!” [Kuan-Ting Chen]
  6. No known machine learning system can reliably tell a bird from a bicycle when a human is trying to trick the system. [Tom B Brown]
  7. By optimising their email subject lines to be short, negative, surprising and full of brand names, CB Insights earned an extra $625,000 per year.[Anand Sanwal]
  8. Using a middle initial makes people think you’re clever. [Wijnand A. P. Van Tilburg & Eric R. Igou]
  9. 54 percent of Chinese born after 1995 chose “influencer” as their most desired occupation. [Charlie Gu]
  10. When he took over the bookshop chain Waterstones, James Daunt gave individual store managers control over which books to stock and how to display them. Over seven years, returns dropped from 20–25% to just 4%. [Robbie Millen / Benedict Evans]
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for me, 7 years of winter riding memories
for me, 7 years of winter riding memories
I’ve done this challenge since 2011. Some years, like 2012, have been harder while 2011 & 2014 were unfairly easy. 2013, still easily my favorite, kicked off my time in the Netherlands and solidified some of the best friendships I have here. 
I know 72,283 people went for the Festive 500 in 2015. That’s was increase on 2014’s 48,000 participants. Yet only 13,311 were successful in 2015. Does anyone know the numbers for 2016 & 2017? I’d guess up to 250k signups?
2016 had some major highlights like this Ijsselmeer (wind)jammer.
2017 was mostly yolo solo. Cold, wet & plenty of headwind on my Lester. I needed the headspace & it served me well.
2018 will again be a Dutch winter delight but as my kids are visiting, I won’t be doing the Ijsselmeer or other big group ride adventures during the day as to maximize my time with Otto & Mira. Instead, like 2012, I will be gettin’ it on before the dawn! Good luck to everyone competing this year!
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Here is to taking on new frontiers in the new year!
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