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(º◡º)っ Nº121 pleasure + meaning = life well-being 😌 💓

Consider this dramatically oversimplified formula: Life satisfaction = pleasure + meaningIt is an exc
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(º◡º)っ Nº121 pleasure + meaning = life well-being 😌 💓
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #121 • View online
Consider this dramatically oversimplified formula:
Life satisfaction = pleasure + meaning
It is an excerpt from an about a 30min read from Kevin Simler. His A Nihilist’s Guide to Meaning begins decidedly tongue in cheek & crafts a wonderful essay with which to begin your work week.  He does a great job of illustrating what creates or enhances meaning as well what erode or even destroys it. 
Things like…
  • Children.
  • Helping others.
  • Community.
  • Fame.
  • Network centrality.
  • Ancestors.
  • Religion. 
  • Progress vs. decay. 
  • Space colonization.
  • Meaningful careers vs. bullshit jobs.
I believe understanding how not only you but others find / have found meaning in life is an incredibly valuable exercise.
As always thank you for reading,
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if you’re looking for some key differences between a happy life and a meaningful life. Read here.

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Here's to finding meaning this week!
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